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iLO4: Great new Features for HP ProLiant Gen8

For the HP ProLiant Gen8 servers, we have big new iLO 4 technologies and features that will change what it means to be a ProLiant.  These new iLO technologies are key to the success of Gen8.



We have Agentless Management (which has an entire Coffee Coaching session dedicated to it).  And, in this session, I’m going to talk about Active Health System and Embedded Remote Support.


Active Health System is an always-on hardware/firmware journaling, change tracking and run-time diagnostic telemetry system.  We record a rich set of information from the birth of the server through its eventual retirement.  This capability is built into iLO and requires no setup, no configuration and no SW to install.  Additionally, the Active Health System is part of our Closed-Loop, Quality Engineering process.  Our Gen8 ProLiant servers have 4 gigabytes of FLASH storage (the same technology as in your smart phone).  We can save the hardware history of the server and up to 2 years of daily runtime telemetry.  One of the advantages of the Active Health System is that it is always-on, always-available and is logging telemetry before/during/after a server event.  Our purpose is to make it super-easy for our customers to provide rich diagnostic data to HP. 


Next, with Embedded Remote Support our customers will have an almost effortless way to enable Phone Home Service Support for ProLiant servers.  The functionality is built into iLO, there is nothing to install at the server and iLO only needs a destination IP Address or DNS Name.  iLO can then provide Server Registration Data, send Service Events for parts replacement and provide data to support Technical Service Pro-Active Advice.  The iLO communicates to a new version of Insight Remote Support (version 7) that is simpler to install and aggregates all Service Data for the customer.  Once again, the beauty of iLO is that all the functionality is just built into the server.


The three, game-changing features from iLO 4 (Agentless Management, Active Health System and Embedded Remote Support) are all iLO Standard features that are included with ProLiant Gen 8 servers.  These features do not require additional cost or licensing.  You were smart enough to buy ProLiant Gen8 and these features are included.


Of course, iLO 4 continues to provide industry-leading iLO Advanced features as part of Gen8 ProLiant.  The revolutionary, hardware-based iLO Integrated Remote Console, Record and Playback Capabilities, Collaboration Mode, Virtual Media, Dynamic Power Capping.  The Directory Services or Kerberos authentication support.  All of these features and more are all part of the iLO Advanced product.  Enabling these features is as easy as entering an activation key.  Of course, entering this key can be scripted for mass deployments.


Visit for more information.


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steve drake | ‎03-09-2012 05:50 PM

Any chance of iLo providing failover capability - for example in a cold failover scenario (2 servers attached to the same external storage, i.e. d2700) automatically shutting down the master server in the event of o/s lockup or power failure and turning on the failover server to boot from the same storage?

LucyEllis | ‎03-29-2012 05:20 PM

According to Doug, this is not a feature that iLO currently implements.  It certainly is feasible. There are programmatic interfaces to iLO that could enable a customer to implement such a feature.  Please contact us via email if you'd like more information.

Liloo | ‎07-31-2012 10:27 AM

Appearence of new generation of IT devices is traditionally associated with some radical changes in  architecture, components, or operating system.

Brian Treacy | ‎01-24-2013 01:29 PM

I am trying to configure ILO4 on a HP DL560 GEN 8 server.

Its static IP so it allows me insert IP Subnet and Gateway but when I hit F10 to save config the gateway goes blank.


Any ideas would be much appreciated




Xani | ‎02-04-2013 04:59 PM

Hello Brian,


Thanks for writing, we have asked our expert team, and they have reffered to the following document , in Section 2 page 14, where you'll find a step by step guide to configure iLO4. it seems that you shouldn't be hitting F10 to configure iLO.


Please let us know how it went!



Coffee Coaching Team

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