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6 SVPs for the price of 1: Key panel addition to your HP Discover “Converged Infrastructure” agenda

With HP Discover only two weeks away, my approach has been to offer up recommended sessions [and why] that I think will help you become well-versed in converged infrastructure / cloud / hybrid data center delivery. My intent is to have you exit the event as a ‘convergence’ leader for yourself and for your company (see my full list at the end of this blog).


Early registrants might not have noticed that the HP Converged Infrastructure TRACK KEYNOTE had been updated – in a really good way. This keynote is a PANEL DISCUSSION that includes a compilation of senior ‘HP Converged Infrastructure’ and ‘HP Converged Cloud’ HP leaders ... well, well worth your time to attend, but the session is filling up quickly:


Keynote Panel Discussion: The power of convergence

Wednesday, 1:30 – 2:15 PM (ID: TK2124)


HP Leaders2.jpgModerated by Stephen DeWitt (SVP, Enterprise Group Marketing), the panel includes SVPs and GMs from all the HP businesses chartered to continually deliver innovative products and solutions that optimize your convergence/cloud journey each step of the way:

  • Martin Fink, HP Business Critical Systems
  • Bethany Mayer, HP Networking
  • Antonio Neri, HP Services
  • Mark Potter, HP Industry Standard Servers
  • David Scott, HP Storage Division



This team of leaders carries the pressure of making sure HP delivers the best, most relevant solutions to help your IT (and business) achieve the speed and agility required to more effectively adapt, compete, and grow.


As you build your personal agenda, mark this one down. And if you have not already registered, it’s not too late to get the special $300.00 (USD) discount:           




Hope this is helpful,




P.S. My recommended list of Discover Sessions: If you’re looking to become well-versed in Converged Infrastructure and Cloud, and missed my previous recommended list of Breakout Sessions to attend, you can peruse the complete list below. Or, you can get the FULL Converged Infrastructure session list by using the keyword “Converged Infrastructure” when you search the Session Catalog.


Knowing how to ‘converge’ your infrastructure is to know how your role in the organization may change; how you can become a change-agent or convergence champion; how to best apply the right Converged Infrastructure or cloud solution(s) and when; how to best leverage your current investments right now; and how to be set up for ‘what’s’ next. These are the basis for my recommended session list below:


Tuesday, June 5th


Building a converged infrastructure strategy for the data center
(#TB2091 / Technical Breakout), 11:15 - Noon
Why I recommend this session: This session is a good way to kick things off. The CI Maturity Model is a tool and process for how to build a step-by-step roadmap to a converged infrastructure (and create a solid cloud foundation). It takes into account not only the technology, but also the people and process elements. I think attending this session will help you organize in your head the different areas that need to be part of your convergence strategic planning.  


Attitudes, acceptance and the business value of a converged infrastructure – based on IDC and Forrester Research
(#BB2031 / Business Breakout), 1:30 – 2:15 pm
Why I recommend this session: This session gets to the very heart of ‘convergence’ – what is the business value? This is the most common question we all get asked and need answered. Well worth 45 minutes of our time.


Converged Infrastructure roundtable 2: integrating a converged infrastructure solution with existing IT environments
(#RT2782 / Roundtable), 2:45 - 3:30
Why I recommend this session: Unless you are building a new or Greenfield data center, this session will help you understand how to fast-track your move forward to capitalize on virtualization and the cloud within your existing IT environment and investments. 


Case study: how to get funding for an IT transformational initiative
(#BB2642 Business Breakout), 4:00 – 4:45 pm
Why I recommend this session:  As a complement to the session above, this Case Study from a real customer provides a nice model for the soft-skills required to prove business value early on your convergence adoption as a way to gain the right level of advocacy needed from disparate teams.


Increase agility and efficiency by automating your data center leveraging converged infrastructure architectural principles
(#BB2774 / Business Breakout), 5:15 - 6:00
Why I recommend this session: I picked this session because it provides another view of how to work within your current IT investments to deploy automation effectively. This will help you gain value today while also being better prepared to capitalize on private or hybrid cloud services.


Wednesday - June 6th                                      


Case study: how HP Enterprise Services leverages a converged infrastructure to deliver HP Enterprise Cloud Services
(#BB2775 / Business Breakout), 11:15 – Noon
Why I recommend this session: Again, I chose this session because it brings in the option of fast-tracking to the cloud world value through a managed services approach - whether implemented and managed in your own data center or in HP’s. If you’re like most, your hybrid cloud environment will include some form of a Managed Cloud, so this session is a good way to get insight in this area. 


Keynote Panel Discussion: The power of convergence

1:30 – 2:15 PM (ID:  TK2124)


Lessons learned: HP ExpertONE Master ASE-CI Architect certification
(#TB2780 / Technical Breakout), 2:45 – 3:30 pm
Why I recommend this session:  The HP ExpertONE program is what I call a “separator”. In other words, as ‘convergence’ becomes mainstream, those individuals looking to excel in their job can do so through the HP ExpertONE Master ASE CI Architect certification. This session is where you will learn more about the certification and hear from those who have achieved the certification.     


Converged Infrastructure roundtable 1: implementing a self-service catalog
(#RT2781 / Roundtable), 4:00 - 4:45
Why I recommend this session: This is an easy pick. Convergence is all about delivering services to the business faster. This session shows the service catalog in action with HP CloudSystem Matrix. Even if you don't have a CloudSystem yet - it's good stuff to know and see.


Converged Infrastructure roundtable 3: changing governance and budgeting processes
(#RT2783 / Roundtable), 5:15 – 6:00 pm
Why I recommend this session:  Again, this one is a no brainer selection for me because ‘to move forward quickly’ is not all about technology; governance and budgeting processes play a big role and knowing the ‘whys and wherefores’ in these areas are good to know and will only help you.


Thursday - June 7th                                          


Accelerate your move to NGDC and cloud with the Converged Infrastructure Maturity Model
(#TB2779 / Technical Breakout), 10:00 - 10:45
Why I recommend this session: I have a couple of CI Maturity Model sessions on my recommend list. This is on purpose (even if you can only attend one of them) because the Maturity Model is not only a way to bring substantiation back to your organization after HP Discover, but it’s a great way to move forward in a safe, practical manner. Plus, this session uses actual customer case studies so you can see how others have benefited. 


Blueprints for convergence: a step-by-step path to converged infrastructure in 18 months
(#TB2032 / Technical Breakout), 11:15 - Noon
Why I recommend this session:  With every customer at a different level of convergence, this session focuses on the journey – how consolidation, standardization, virtualization, optimization and automation will accelerate the value IT delivers to the business. But most importantly, this session shares what real customers have done on their journey –> that will only help you with your own journey.


Driving IT strategy through converged infrastructure and data center fabrics
(#BB2303 / Business Breakout), 1:30 – 2:15 pm
Why I recommend this session:  It’s always nice to hear from expert outsiders. I picked this session for that reason; to hear how leading-edge firms are successfully planning and capitalizing on converged infrastructure from both a technical and business standpoint.


Orizon Brazil: anatomy of a success case
(#TB2471 / Technical Breakout), 2:45 - 3:30
Why I recommend this session: Again, making convergence real is critical. This session is worth your time to see how this customer integrated their servers, storage and network disciplines, and enabled single-pane-of-glass monitoring. This is a good best practice to garner value from what others have done.


Business Workshop: Converged Infrastructure Transformation Experience Workshop
(#BW2122 / Business Workshop), 4:00 – 4:45 pm
Why I recommend this session:  And to cap off your week, this workshop will guide you through the journey to a converged infrastructure - cloud, technology, people, processes, service delivery, governance, architectures and more.


See you there.

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