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700 HP Discover Sessions – YIKES. Help is here. My recommended HP Converged Infrastructure sessions

By now you’re inevitably in the throes of planning your HP Discover 2013 (Las Vegas, June 11-13) agenda. With over 12,000+ attendees from 3000+ companies, navigating the grounds is hard enough. I know; I’ve been through it several times myself. Then when you add the 700 available sessions to the mix it becomes nearly impossible to build-out a meaningful and relevant ‘IT convergence’ agenda.


If that sounds like you, read on ...


I’ve taken the BIG BETS our customers are making (Cloud, Mobility, Big Data) ... the CHALLENGES that come with them ... and the BIGGEST CONVERGENCE TOPICS that solve them, and created my "power list of six" recommended HP Converged Infrastructure SESSIONS ... and WHY I chose them.


I hope this proves helpful.


Wednesday, June 12th


#1:  Mapping out your journey to Converged Infrastructure

Business Breakout Session:   #BB2582 - 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Why I recommend this session:

After attending the General Session, this is a great “first stop” on your convergence mission. If you are like most, one of the big reasons you are attending Discover is that the complexities and inefficiencies of your legacy environment - while fighting with physical and virtual sprawl – is widening the gap between what IT can deliver and what the business needs. And you might be uncertain what to do about it. In this session, you will hear how the HP Converged Cloud Capability Model can help you get started on the right path through well-informed decision-making based on your unique requirements. It’s a way to move fast to convergence, but be safe while doing so. Plus, your speaker, Chris Coggrave, has been doing this for years and has worked with hundreds of customers. I would consider him an expert. Click HERE to learn more about this session


#2:  Beyond the tipping point: How HP Converged Systems will transform everything you do in IT

Business Breakout Session:  #BB4423 - 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Why I recommend this session:

This session is a perfect transition from the one above. Why so? It’s still all about making the right decisions that can turn your data center into a speed demon. And no doubt you’ve heard about how “integrated systems” are the wave of the future to achieve this. What better time to hear from the leader (Tom Joyce – SVP, HP Converged Systems) to learn about how his team will build upon the proven HP Converged Systems portfolio to lead the next decade of integrated systems. Click HERE to learn more about this session


#3:  Customer case study: considerations for choosing a convergence vendor

Business Breakout Session:  #BB3602 – 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Why I recommend this session:

What better way to end your day then to hear from a customer.  In this case, it’s less about what the customer deployed and more about how their IT team put together an effective project plan to carefully evaluate potential vendors (and what they learned from this process). Click HERE to learn more about this session



Thursday, June 13th


#4:  Are you ready for virtualization 2.0?

Track Keynote:  #TK1850 – 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Why I recommend this session:

In one word: Virtualization. Yep, we all know server virtualization has been around. But in the new style of IT, virtualization is absolutely critical – it’s the foundation for convergence, the cloud, and software-defined data centers. It is critical that you think beyond the server ... to the network, to the storage. Keep going ... it also must include the processes, skills, and governance. This Track Keynote is the perfect place to ‘click-down’ and build upon what you learned yesterday. Click HERE to learn more about this session.


#5:  Everything you know about the data center is about to change

Track Keynote:  #TK2578 - 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Why I recommend this session:

If you take all the recommended sessions thus far, this Track Keynote should be perfect for bringing it tightly together. Stephen DeWitt (SVP, Enterprise Marketing) and Tom Joyce (SVP, Converged Systems) will share how HP’s new solutions will transform the economics of the data center, push virtualization to the next level, and pave the way to address your big bets around convergence, cloud, big data and mobility. Click HERE to learn more about this session


#6:  The power of virtualization - from the data center to the desktop

Business Breakout Session:  #BB3489 – 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Why I recommend this session:

If you’re still looking for more, this topic is worth your while – especially with mobility everywhere. The need for broader data center virtualization equally requires attention in the client environment. This panel of virtualization experts will discuss advancements, customer successes and the future of end user computing. Click HERE to learn more about this session.


That's it - my BIG SIX convergence Sessions. I believe these sessions will provide you with a solid foundation for the solutions and technologies that surround them.


Also, stay tuned for future blogs where I will make recommendations of INNOVATION THEATER DEMOS and TECHNOLOGIES to explore when in the Discover Zone ... and I’ll share how your data center or IT convergence journey requires more than just one-off, loosely integration systems where I will explore the things that matter most.

In the meantime, feel free to check-out HP Converged Infrastructure by visiting our website: And if you haven’t registered for HP Discover yet ... it’s only 3-weeks away - yikes.




Thanks for reading,


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