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Aligning IT with the business – attacking the fundamental data center flaw

To build upon my previous blog post on how the big market trends and shifts (i.e. cloud, security, big data, and mobility) require a New Style of IT, this blog addresses the fundamental data flaw that is holding IT back.


These aforementioned trends have accelerated the pace of everything – with IT right smack in the middle of powering this new style of business. But it doesn’t stop there. More enterprises are adopting BYOD policies, implementing more applications that require broader, fast processing to unlock the potential of Big Data, and the CMO needs more valuable information and analytics.  What’s happening is the business is outpacing the data center by leaps and bounds.


Here’s why: 

The majority of existing data centers were not engineered to accommodate this new business speed. Most were designed to accommodate the needs of a single application. And in the race between business needs and data center readiness, the application has become an unintended hurdle.


This makes the fundamental data center flaw quite simple. The underlying data center technologies and the way IT is set up today are not aligned to the way applications need to be built, secured, managed, and consumed. In other words, the “build a unique infrastructure-per-app” mentality simply won’t work. 


For instance, companies no longer have years to plan, nine months to develop version 1.0 of an application, and then take another nine months to develop version 2.0. They can no longer take 10 weeks to deliver a new service.  This is what has led to the building of over provisioned and underutilized technology silos – wasting time and money, cannot be easily repurposed for changing workloads, and require too much of the limited resources to be spent on operations and maintenance.  Today, you are telling me things need to happen in weeks–if not days.


Data Center Flaw picture.jpg


The ‘piece part’, ‘stich it together’ approach is broken. It is too slow, costly and won’t scale. This is exactly why we talk about needing a New Style of IT powered by infrastructure convergence as the foundation of your data center, campus and branch office. And why HP Converged Infrastructure solutions are designed with the applications in mind. In this way, you are able to turn the application hurdles across your IT infrastructure into turnstiles of flowing data; change quickly when needed; enhance the customer experience; and, stay ahead of the demands of the business. This last point is where IT will be paramount in the evolving digital landscape where turning information into valuable insight will be critical. [IDC forecasts a 30x per year per app increase in frequency of application updates and a 50-fold growth in the digital universe from the beginning of 2010 to 2020*.]


The HP app-centric approach is what drives simplicity and speed today, and is the same force that can set up your data center to become the center for innovation and revenue engine for your business. This is fundamentally a different POV than our competition.


All this is why the innovations across the Converged Infrastructure solution portfolio start with unique intellectual property (IP) that goes deep inside all the critical components (servers, network, storage, management). It’s the secret sauce of convergence if you will that enables smarter, modern hardware and software that can be managed in a frictionless way; it’s the basis for the fast growing integrated system market that can address all your workloads quickly (delivered by HP with HP Converged Systems); and, it’s the basis to quickly and easily breakdown today’s IT silos so you can always be one step ahead of the business.


In fact, the subject of my next post  is to start peeling back the onion to share more about what the next generation of application-aligned HP Converged Infrastructure is all about. Until then, I invite to explore more about:



I hope you tune back in and hear about more insights from the road.






*IDC, “The Digital Universe in 2020: Big Data, Bigger Digital Shadows, and Biggest Growth in the Far East,” Research sponsored by Sponsored by EMC Corp., December 2012.

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