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Become an IT CONVERGENCE aficionado: attend the following HP Discover INNOVATION & DEMO sessions

In my previous blog, I took the BIG BETS our customers are making (Cloud, Mobility, Big Data) and created a recommended list of the best HP Converged Infrastructure TRACK KEYNOTES and BREAKOUT SESSIONS to attend (including days, times, and why I chose them). This blog builds upon those recommendations by adding a few ‘hand-picked” 20-minute INNOVATION THEATER Presentations and 30-minute DEMO sessions to your agenda.


All of these are in the Discover Zone located on the casino level of the Congress Center. The physical footprint of the Discover Zone is huge, so you can’t miss it. The INNOVATION THEATER features stories from HP experts, customers, and partners with topics that are making a difference in the industry. DEMO sessions are more ‘solution’ specific. NET NET: By combining the recommended HP Converged Infrastructure BREAKOUT SESSIONS (see previous blog), INNOVATION THEATER PRESENTATIONS, DEMO SESSIONS, and of course, the hundreds of technology demos, you will leave the event an IT infrastructure convergence aficionado.


I hope this helps …


My recommended INNOVATION THEATER Presentations and DEMO sessions to attend:


Tuesday – June 11th


Innovation Theater presentation:  3:10 PM / IT4314
What if machines could tweet?

Why I recommend this session:

With IT convergence being increasingly adopted by businesses seeking greater IT speed, agility, and innovation, this presentation from the HP Technology Services group provides insight into the next-generation of customer support. Not a sexy topic, but an important one because as hardware, software, processes, and teams converge, you will need help and a change in how this is supported.  Click HERE to learn more about this session.


Innovation Theater presentation:  6:20 PM / IT4201
HP Moonshot: Innovation at Internet speed and scale
Why I recommend this session:

With billions of devices connected, project HP Moonshot creates radical data center savings (e.g. 8-10x scale, 8x greater efficiency, and 3x faster innovation).  Moonshot is a glimpse into the next generation of servers optimized for internet-scale workloads. Click HERE to learn more about this session.


Wednesday, June 12th


Theater Demo:  1:30 PM - 2:00 PM / #DT2580

Converged Infrastructure Trend 2:  New skill sets: Say goodbye to the title of Server/Storage/Network Admin: Say hello to the new style of IT and the next phase of your career

Why I recommend this session:

This demonstration addresses an often forgotten requirement on the road to convergence and the cloud – the skills gap. More importantly, the new style of IT is a lot more than just technology ... it affects you personally and professionally (are you READY?). Click HERE to learn more about this session.


Theater Demo:  2:15 PM - 2:45 PM / #DT2581

Converged Infrastructure Trend 3:  Software-defined Data Centers - Top five things you need to know

Why I recommend this session:

This innovation demo will acquaint you with a trend that will affect you greatly – especially if you are moving fast with your next wave of virtualization – and that’s: Software-defined Data Centers.  In 30-minutes, you can take leaps and bounds forward for being ready for the software-defined world. Click HERE to learn more about this session.


Innovation Theater presentation:  5:15 PM / IT4320
Transforming data center architecture

Why I recommend this session:

You’ve here HP talk about the “New style of IT”. The reason this is needed starts with the big shifts in the industry — Cloud, Big Data, Social Media, and Mobility. These are rapidly forming how technology is being built and services consumed. Few data centers were designed for all this. IT convergence is the solution to all of this. It’s at the core of your modern data center, it’s at the core of your cloud solutions, and it’s at the core of your evolving software-defined data center. And at the heart of is the foundational technologies across servers, networking, storage, and software. This presentation will give insight into the foundational elements pivotal to this new style of IT.  Click HERE to learn more about this session.



Thursday, June 13th


Innovation Theater presentation:   9:00 AM / IT4286
Tectonic Shifts – and where the future of convergence is taking us

Why I recommend this session:

This session is the perfect complement to the one listed above. Martin Fink, CTO and Director of HP Labs will talk about how industry shifts are pushing today’s data center to it limits. Martin outlines and shares how HP Labs is addressing this with new innovations about where future technology might take us. Click HERE to learn more about this session.



There you have it: My recommended HP Converged Infrastructure INNOVATION THEATER PRESENTATION and DEMO SESSIONS. Combine that with the recommended BREAKOUT SESSIONS from the previous blog, and you are all set. And don’t forget, you can explore all the happenings and logistics by checking out the HP Discover site:













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