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Drive the New Style of IT with HP Converged Infrastructure. Old networking, storage, servers and security silos come together into a simply-managed, business-oriented datacenter.

Businesses benefit from HP’s open ‘got choice’ approach to infrastructure convergence.

As businesses continue on their convergence and converged cloud data center journey, there seems to be a lot more FUD and chatter going on. Maybe that’s because adoption rates for convergence solutions are increasing, or maybe it’s because all the leading technology providers want you to buy their solutions.


In either case, I think the timing is right for this topic.


Previously, we had conversations about the most important things to remember when making data center convergence technology decisions:  


          One solution does not fit all your requirements. It’s a hybrid IT world that requires a mix
          of purpose-built integrated systems (e.g. cloud and application systems) and modern
          foundational technologies designed for convergence (e.g. server, storage, network,
          management). Secondly, achieving the best convergence ROI requires comprehensive
          data center expertise and experience in order to optimally match the best solution
          combination with your business and IT objectives.


Although these are absolutely important, it was pointed out to me that I forgot possibly the most important thing:  

The proof is in the pudding.


In other words, when making infrastructure convergence technology decisions, make sure you seek out real examples of how enterprise-class businesses are benefitting based on their unique challenges and objectives. I feel the best way to demonstrate this point is to push through the FUD and look at a real track-record of delivering real value.


It makes me think back to when HP pioneered ‘convergence’. Inherent in the HP Converged Infrastructure strategy back then [as it is now] is to deliver data center solutions that truly accelerate business and IT results. I remember it well because I was actually in attendance at the original announcement back in 2009. The point is, to achieve this level of value requires constant innovation across a complete portfolio of open, standards-based technologies that let you move forward at your own pace and preference ... without trying to force-fit you with a limited selection of loosely integrated systems that lock you in, or waste your time with a lot of bolt-on integration.


Sorry, I digress. 


As you evaluate the breadth of what HP Converged Infrastructure has to offer, I invite you to explore how real customers with unique requirements are benefitting:


Also, I came across this recent video of Dave Donatelli (EVP & GM HP Enterprise Group) talking about  how HP’s new server, storage, and networking technology will help drive future growth >>> Watch this Bloomberg West video.



Making technology solution decisions in a converging and cloud world is not easy and often confusing. So remember three things:

  1. It’s a hybrid world – one size solution WILL NOT fit all your requirements (not even close) ...
  2. it takes a full portfolio aligned with the right expertise and experience ...
  3. and the proof is in the value delivered

Thanks for your time,



NOTE: Here’s my plug for HP Discover– June 11-13 in Las Vegas – This is a great place to investigate, talk with experts, and kick the tires.


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