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Can social collaboration boost IT infrastructure productivity?

Collaboration is key to creative problem-solving (reportedly Steve Jobs insisted only two, central restrooms be installed at Pixar so that employees would be forced to interact.) It follows, then, that infrastructure management tools that make it easier for data center teams to work together could also lead to better problem-solving, and a more productive workplace. When troubleshooting takes less time, that leaves more time for coming up with innovative ways to meet business demands.


Traditional infrastructure management tools requires a reliance on email threads just to let your team members know that you need to update an application.  Or even worse, sticky notes. But those tools were designed to manage data centers before the advent of cloud computing, with its dispersed data centers. Today’s data center administrators are grappling with a level of complexity that far outstrips the capability of their traditional tools can handle.


To collaborate and troubleshoot creatively as a team, you need to be able to:


  • Send real-time messages in a user-friendly format between team members, so that you can solve problems on the fly
  • Receive real-time system alerts, and send out resolutions of those alerts
  • Assign tasks in a collaborative manner, so that team members are aware of what each person is doing
  • Communicate with team members from any location, using the mobile device of your choice
  • Customize your display, so that only data that applies to the task at hand appears, with the option to click deeper into a particular area


Why spreadsheets fail as collaboration tools


Historically, management tools have been built to manage devices. But admins need to take care of tasks, such as configuring and deploying servers, gathering LUNs to manage storage, and getting VLANS from the networking team. When team members communicate back and forth on email about these tasks, and then store info about the tasks in a spreadsheet, it can make it difficult to keep track of team members’ progress and to troubleshoot when problems crop up. It’s also hard to gauge the interdependencies of team members.


Because a spreadsheet does not operate in real-time, it can’t track change and, more important, it can’t drive change. For example, if an admin makes a manual error by typing just one character off, a spreadsheet can’t detect that error. You could spend hours troubleshooting why a connection is not operating correctly. If, on the other hand, you’re using a collaborative system that tracks changes and sends alerts in real-time, you can solve the problem in a matter of minutes. You can also see at a glance the interdependencies of your team members.


Collaborate seamlessly through the intuitive, user-friendly interface of HP OneView


HP modeled the collaborative messaging system of HP OneView, its new converged infrastructure management software, after a modern newsfeed. The HP OneView newsfeed feature brings together all the activities an administrator manages, so everything is all in one place.  How much more productive could your data center team be if it could solve problems collaboratively?  


See for yourself! 






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