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Don’t Fall for These 4 Myths of Data Storage

Darrell James


By Darrell James, Manager, HP World Wide Storage Consulting Services


As I work with clients to help them build a better storage infrastructure, I often find that the same questions keep popping up. They’re important and sensible questions, but to me they suggest that the organization I’m working with hasn’t fully thought through what they need to do to get the most out of their storage investments and prepare for the future of the datacenter.


Here are four examples:


Q: Why can’t I just keep adding storage as we need it?  We don’t have time to learn something new.

A: As the amount of data continues to grow, there will be a need to take advantage of technological advances. Moving to the right technology means that as your business grows, your infrastructure can grow without you always having to learn something new.


Q: Everything storage-related seems to be working ok. Why mess with it?

A: Sometimes you have to determine if “working ok” will sustain as the business evolves. The worst time to find this out is in the midst of a crisis.  Just like a car, your IT environment requires routine maintenance and updating.


Q: With storage, it’s mainly just a question of managing it – keeping everything up and running. We’ve got a good grip on capacity, resilience, and redundancy for our current needs, so why should we be concerned about storage?

A: This is a common statement and it is most likely true. All is well for the current situation. However, if you interviewed the storage and backup staff, would they tell the same story? Does the backup staff have any idea about the upcoming storage-related requests, and does the storage staff know or even care if the data can be properly backed up? So in the end: what does “up and running” really mean?


Q:  I can meet the business’s needs, no problem. So why would I need to look at new gear now?

A: All technology has a refresh cycle. Whether it actually gets refreshed is another conversation. I have found that “business needs” don’t necessarily equate to business strategy, which is longer term. You have to ask yourself, “Are the business needs of today aligned with the business strategic goals of tomorrow?”


HP Technology Services has put together a new ebook (featuring a couple of photos of yours truly!) that explores some of these questions in more depth and helps you uncover the truth about the evolving role of storage in your datacenter. Check it out: Storage Insight: Debunk the Data Storage Myths.


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To learn more about me and how I can help your organization, click below.


Darrell James


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