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Embracing change and adopting Converged Infrastructure

Solutions that maximize IT performance are always in demand and as a result convergence is a hot topic.   The promise of simplicity, efficiency, and the speed that a converged infrastructure delivers is appealing, but it requires change.  Recently, my colleagues and I explored why some customers embrace change.   Let me share my experience and insights from customers who have made the decision to change to a converged infrastructure.


Change is an opportunity and a challenge.   I’ve been a part of the high tech community for my entire career and a member of marketing teams for over 20 years.   Several years ago I had a choice to make.   I could continue with the “traditional” marketing mix, tools, techniques that I was used to or embrace digital marketing and social media, blogging, and tweeting.   Digital Marketing opened up a world of opportunity in terms of customer reach, marketing efficiency, and time to market.  I was convinced that embracing change was the direction and I jumped in with both feet, not to be left behind.   This example demonstrates similarities to what you may be thinking about IT convergence.


-        Why change?   My current systems seem to work well.  It may not be as fast or simple as I need, but it does the job.

-        Will I need to retrain staff if I change to a converged infrastructure?   Today, my staff knows how to keep the systems running.

-        What if the new systems don’t deliver what they promise?  

-        What if converged infrastructure is just too difficult to deploy?


All of these questions represent valid concerns.    Today your data center infrastructure probably has been designed for each project or group.   You’ve created separate systems to satisfy your needs along the way.   In addition you’ve probably unwittingly created IT silos which breed complexity and lack the level of efficiency and simplicity you need in today’s competitive environment.  These were great solutions just a few short years ago.   However, with the increasingly rapid pace of the business world, things are constantly changing and you need to react quickly to change to stay competitive.  This means your IT infrastructure needs to easily adapt as well.   Silos are not a design that easily adapts.   You need to consider a converged infrastructure so you can adapt quickly, simply and efficiently.  


When you embrace change and incorporating IT convergence into your strategic vision, you’ll need to look at solutions designed with the following capabilities:


-        Modular, common infrastructure across servers, storage, and networks to help deliver the most simplicity and efficiency

-        An ecosystem that converges across servers, storage, services, software, networking and facilities power and cooling --- all are important.  If convergence only addresses component(s) or is “attached” not designed for convergence, you are only addressing a piece of the convergence and won’t achieve the extent of the simplicity, efficiency or speed desired.

-        Best practices and expertise in converged infrastructure.   Leverage the experts at major events like HP Discover.   Learn from customers that embraced Converged Infrastructure.   Best practices and templates take the worry out of deploying the solutions.   Converged solutions are integrated systems that combine the components with best practices to quickly let you get started with a converged infrastructure. 


If you look at change as an opportunity and embrace IT convergence, you can gain a competitive edge.   HP Converged Infrastructure can help you simplify your data center infrastructure and provision services quickly – in minutes.    When solutions like HP Converged Systems are designed for convergence and leverage expertise and best practices, you get integrated systems that deliver the speed needed in today’s dynamic business climate, but also an end-to-end user experience that is second to none.


Remember the first mobile phone or the first tablet?  Were you an early adopter?   You may have been cautious at first but now find you can’t live without these tools.   Change is all around us --- embrace it and see where it takes you!     


HP Converged Infrastructure products and solutions are major topics at HP Discover next week in Las Vegas.   Talk to the HP experts, visit the demos, attend the sessions and I’ll see you there!


Are you ready to embrace change?  Let me know what you think.




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