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HP CloudSystem Auto Flexing Capability comes to HP Discover in Frankfurt

By Gary Stevens - HP Converged Application Systems Global Business Development


Discover, HP’s largest event of the year, is nearly upon us. The energy being exerted and the many planning lists being created reminds me of our thanksgiving event from last week. We had dinner at our friend’s house and as you would expect, they invited 15 and 23 showed up.  Why parents don’t count their grown kids as “guests” (and guests who eat a lot) I’ll never know. The host looked across the kitchen at me with wide eyes and asks. “How are we going to feed another 8 people?” The next 30 minutes included a lot of hand wringing, yes this still happens in this day and age, and a discussion on how fast frozen leftovers from last week could be defrosted to be used as the “kid’s meals”.  


Interestingly both my wife and our friend’s husband wanted to cook turkeys this year, something about different “stuffing” options,  and it turns out these two people didn’t communicate very well on the respective sizes of their bird purchase. When they both arrived, we actually wound up with two twenty pound fully cooked Turkeys. Disaster avoided, and we quickly moved on to the wine tasting.


In many ways, what your IT departments have to manage are close to this nightmare of Holiday cooking. Every month they manage to serve up copious amounts of data and services to the growing masses of LOB users. Every month they schedule maintenance windows that avoid the busier “meal times” and every month they look at the calendar and see that ominous “Finance Month End Close” marker and prey they don’t get that last minute request to add another exceptional 37 financial reports over the same weekend . You plan what resources, or “meals” you can serve up over a given period, but with limited flexibility in your computer resources layer, you always have that nagging thought that you may get pushed beyond your limits.  


Wouldn’t it be great if you as a chef could just take your friend’s dishes currently in the oven whenever you have unexpected guests arriving for the holidays? Similarly, wouldn’t it be great if your Finance systems could use additional server resources for that month end close. Then when the work is complete, have your system automatically return them to where they came from.


Well, now you can! HP, working with our Virtualization partners, has found a way to do just that. At VMworld in San Francisco and in Barcelona, HP showcased a feature within our CloudSystem family of products called “auto flexing” and it does just what you need it to do for those windows of intense utilization of IT resources. This feature is available now for HP’s CloudSystem optimized for VMware family of products. HP’s CloudSystem Auto Flexing Capability automates the expansion of compute virtual resources to handle exceptional work effort during selected periods of time. When that period of extra effort is finished, HP’s autoflex feature can then return the resources back to their original purpose.


Auto flexing capabilities in HP CloudSystem optimized for VMware allows your IT department to better manage their TOTAL pool of assets.  By automating the movement of server capacity between virtual resource pools (and between LOB resource pools), you remove the risks associated with manual resource movement and can also shave days off any re-configuration to handle exceptional work effort. These combined benefits make your IT department more agile and better equipped to handle more diverse workloads from LOB users, while still staying within infrastructure cost envelopes. Auto flexing increases resource utilization by placing the resources  where they are needed , when they are needed, and does so in a consistent and validated way every time.


The Auto Flexing capability for HP CloudSystem is available now for customers to download and try out in test & development environment and coming very soon for production workloads. By combining the best converged infrastructure hardware with our partner’s virtualization platforms, we can enable an elastic sharing of resource across the many stakeholders of an IT department.  This creates a distinct advantage for our joint customers and HP will continue to work together with our partners to expand this automated resource sharing.


Holidays and large IT events have many things in common; preparations for the many tasks for the event, planning with partners and friends  on the next vacation or business task, and yes, even the unexpected guests at the door who want to Discover what is New and to share in the food. Discover takes place in Frankfurt December 4-6 and I look forward to seeing all of my 9000 friends there. If you’re not on the invite list, please bring your own meal.


What to do next:


    • Schedule your Discover sessions here
    • Register for Discover here
    • Find out more about Discover here



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