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Drive the New Style of IT with HP Converged Infrastructure. Old networking, storage, servers and security silos come together into a simply-managed, business-oriented datacenter.

Is SIMPLIFYING IT realistic when 100s, even 1000s of apps bog you down? There is a better way.

Anyone employed in enterprise IT knows it’s not an easy universe to navigate. Lots of technology solution considerations (i.e. cloud, virtualization, big data, security, mobility ...) and clamoring business demands (i.e. greater speed, agility, improved ROI+TCO, risk management ...) continue to add to the exponentially expanding stress factors. The good news is that infrastructure convergence (delivered by HP with HP Converged Infrastructure) is the primary approach to solve this and significantly up-level the IT value to the business.


            This is the reason I’ve been peeling back the infrastructure convergence onion and blogging about
            these layers in a way that is digestible. We’ve touched on the fundamental data center flaw, talked about
            driving broad simplicity , the importance of converged technologies, followed by the necessity of
            converged management and converged expertise ...


... The next logical layer to the IT convergence onion deals with the topic of “HOW”. If one-size would fit all with one SKU (part #), this question would be easy. But it doesn’t ... not by a long shot. Infrastructure convergence solutions need to be designed to align to the applications (or workloads) ... and to the business. In other words, solutions designed for the different kinds of apps that span your entire IT or data center ecosystem. Again, ‘easier said than done’ when we’re talking about only a few applications. Unfortunately, most data centers have hundreds (if not thousands) of applications. It’s no wonder the data center Solution Architects, CTOs, IT Managers and CIOs of the world lose so much sleep.


When I talk with customers struggling with these challenges, I often suggest stepping back and taking a different perspective to the underlying technology.  Think about how can you stop building technology silos on an app-by-app basis and start thinking about the underlying technology as an enabler for all applications (or categories of apps) that align to the business. Think about how the underlying technology can significantly simplify the data center, campus and the branch office user experience. And think about how technology and processes can free up resources to focus on innovation and new services.


If this intrigues you, I invite you to take a few moments and read on about the way HP Converged Infrastructure solutions are built in order to help you achieve this ... 


The HP Converged Infrastructure approach offers flexible solutions aligned to today’s ‘application-centric’ data center requirements. Our solutions are designed and built to optimize any workload.  These solutions are built from the most modern and comprehensive portfolio of servers, Converged Storage, and FlexFabric network technologies designed for convergence; the most modern infrastructure management solutions (like the new HP OneView); and, the most comprehensive portfolio of turnkey integrated systems (HP Converged Systems) . We build our solutions to align to the application across three design centers:


  • moonshot.pngWe build solutions for massive scale or hyperscale apps characterized by single applications that run on hundreds, even thousands of systems; things like web services sites. HP Moonshot is a great example. It’s the first software defined server with breakthrough efficiency and scale. They share management, power, cooling, networking, and storage. With Moonshot you can reduce power consumption by 89% and the footprint by 80%. And it costs 77% less than traditional servers.  In fact, at HP we “walk the talk”. We run on HP Moonshot – serving over half a billion visitors this year.


  • We build solutions for the hundreds of mainstream apps that require very few systems each, yet each still needs to be spun up, managed, maintained, etc. These are apps like SharePoint, email, CRM, file and print. Having dedicated silos of technology, processes, tools, and people for these apps is highly inefficient, costly, and unsustainable.  The HP VirtualSystem is a great example of a mainstream application deployment platform. It provides a choice of customizable components and services - prepackaged at the HP factory and designed to fit your workload requirements - all optimized for an easily scalable virtualized environment for your Hypervisor of choice. Or for customers who are ready to build a cloud environment, our flagship offering HP CloudSystem is a complete integrated offering for building, operating and managing clouds. This integrated system allows you to provision complex services in just minutes, from infrastructure to application, and provides complete application lifecycle management and bursting when resources are needed.


  • And we build solutions for those big time business critical applications; which we call Systems of Record. These are apps that require a high degree of security, availability, compliance.  In other words, they simply can’t go down or be messed with. Things like your ERP systems, patient records, financials, credit cards, 911 – to name a few. We offer a variety of integrated systems for different needs and we know mission and business critical from our many years of Nonstop and  the Unix enterprise business, but one example is the big data HP AppSystem for SAP HANA (read what’s new). SAP HANA technology allows the processing of massive quantities of real-time data in the main memory of the server to provide immediate results from analyses and transactions. The HP AppSystem for SAP HANA takes that to the next level. The performance is outstanding with unlimited scalability and storage capacity, and provides the highest availability for mission critical SAP workloads.


These are just a few of the solutions aligned to the most common workloads to address your toughest business challenges. More importantly, these solutions have been built and designed to help simplify and align IT to the business for any workload at any scale.


Let me know if you have thoughts on all this. My next blog will bring this to life with customer examples.




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