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Let experience be your guide when selecting a converged infrastructure technology partner

By now you might have read about the IBM announcement this week. They’ve finally entered into the ‘converged systems’ arena. Like you, I read the press, looked at the Analyst comments, poked around on twitter, read a few blogs, etc. And when I did so, I kept coming back to the same three thoughts:


“Welcome to the Party, Pal [IBM]” [a somewhat infamous quote from the movie Die Hard]

     Making major data center technology decisions shouldn’t be taken lightly. While IBM’s tinkering has at least

     got them in the game, it’s important to remember that the HP Converged Infrastructure strategy was first

     introduced in 2009 ... which came about through years of engineering alignment and innovation ... with many

     major solutions and innovation enhancements introduced over the past several years ... with hundreds of

     actual customers already reaping the benefits from convergence ... capped off by the HP Converged Cloud

     announcement last Tuesday.


Laggards are finally seeing that the business value of convergence is real.

     Reading through the conversations it was gratifying to see that the power and value of convergence is a

     common approach agreed to by almost everyone---customers, partners and competitors.  
     [Feel free to check out this converged infrastructure Business Value White Paper].


Consider the core attributes your technology partner provides if you want to reap the full value of convergence – both today and into the future.

     This is the BIG point you need to remember. Why? Because it’s really all about YOU! ... As it should be.

     You’re the one that has the business clamoring at you to constantly improve cost or performance (or both) and

     needing  more and more from IT. And, you’re the one that needs a faster, less costly to operate, safer, and

     simpler to manage infrastructure.


That is what a Converged Infrastructure delivers; accelerating IT for better business results. Thus, having confidence in your technology provider is absolutely paramount. This confidence starts by thoroughly evaluating these SIX areas:


1: Intellectual property (IP): You must have confidence ...
... that each individual component is sound and strong while being architected to work with all the other components — with purposeful IP designed for convergence from the outset. This means having a complete, integrated portfolio of servers, storage, networking, management software, and energy optimization with a best-in-class reputation and support track record across all those areas.


2:  Open integration: You must have confidence ...
... that your specific solution can support a heterogeneous environment— whether it be the servers, the network, the storage, the management software, or any other element. This is what allows you to deploy converged infrastructure solutions the way you need to, whether in your existing environment or for new greenfield opportunities. This is especially true as you move to the cloud and still need to support heterogeneous compute stacks.


3:  Partner ecosystem strength: You must have confidence ...

... that your solution provider has an extensive application development ecosystem. Why?  Because infrastructures don’t exist in vacuums. You typically make the decision first about the application and then about the best infrastructure on which to deploy it. So it’s absolutely critical to work with a technology vendor whose systems have been configured and tested with the specific applications you want to use.


4:  Standards-based: You must have confidence ...

... that the building blocks themselves are standards-based ... designed for a shared environment ... use common management tools ... have a high degree of monitoring capability ... and uses some degree of common components. This way, you not only can deploy the components in your existing data center but also more easily and quickly migrate to new components as needed.


5:  Expertise and experience: You must have confidence ...

... that as you build your hybrid converged infrastructure environment that your technology provider has the required proven expertise – with a 'real' track record of success – to consult, design, finance, secure, and build the fabric, including the facility. This is what will get you the right solution in the shortest reasonable time.


6: Training and skills: You must have confidence ...

... that your technology provider offers the skills, technical training, and certifications to help the organizations’ functional domain experts evolve and succeed. Such programs enable you and your organization to be “converged-ready” – whether you’re a technical veteran or a relative newcomer.


These six attributes have been the cornerstone tenets of the HP Converged Infrastructure approach from the beginning. And knowing you have unique requirements, our solution portfolio has been designed to expedite your move forward or help you evolve at your own pace.


I invite you to read about the value many of our customers have achieved or dig into the HP Converged Infrastructure solution portfolio:


HP Converged Systems provide the simplest and fastest way forward:

  • HP CloudSystem—the industry's most complete 'ready-to-go' cloud solution
  • Virtualization Solutions—including the HP VirtualSystem provide modular systems that maximize virtual server and client performance
  • HP AppSystems—provide best of breed capabilities from data management, reporting, and analytics to connecting your teams to information, customers, partners and each other

Evolve with technologies designed for convergence:

When considering your technology partner, remember to make sure they have a proven track record and depth in all the convergence requirements ... and not just a “me-too” provider.


Thank you for your time.

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