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Message to partners: New HP VirtualSystem VS3 Foundation is for you!

By Dan Gilfix – Go-to-Market Manager, HP Converged Systems




Channel partners and resellers often find themselves scratching their heads when technology companies release new products.  Sure, this latest solution helps customers do things faster, better, and cheaper, but what about me?  Will this solution help me establish credibility with my clients, deliver something they really need, and expand my business in a sensible way?


As an HP GTM manager, I appreciate that a large portion of my company’s revenues come through channel partners.  In many ways, they’re our lifeblood.  And perhaps that’s why it’s refreshing for me to write for them when a solution provides the basis for a symbiotic relationship, like that between a pelican and a gull.




Today, at Discover 2013, we announced the newest release of HP VirtualSystem, a portfolio designed with partners in mind, aimed at helping customers cost-effectively transform IT environments to incorporate virtualized application solutions and leverage cloud computing.  Our partners know that such an IT transformation often involves moving away from rigid, complex, and siloed environments to converged systems.  Not an easy task.  Most executives say it’s their preferred infrastructure, but far fewer admit to having them in place.  


The core of our new portfolio is HP VirtualSystem VS3 Foundation 2.2.  It provides a simple and dependable application deployment platform on HP Converged Infrastructure, with a choice of components and services pre-integrated at the factory, aimed at improving the customer experience.  The complexity is gone, yet there are options for optimization at every level.


So what’s in it for partners?  Three big things that are totally consistent with customer needs:


  • increased business potential from greater simplicity, flexibility, and scalability
  • reduced risk from our infrastructure and best practices
  • investment protection from compatibility and openness

The sweet spot for partners centers around services.  VirtualSystem VS3 Foundation provides building blocks for partners to sell value-added services that round out the solution.  Partners can help clients with software set-up, running apps, and deploying the virtualization software, itself.  And these services can apply to a variety of virtual and non-virtual solutions for Microsoft, VMware, and others as needed. 


The new VirtualSystem is designed to be customized from day one, including storage sizing and type, FlatSAN and FibreChannel switching, and server sizing and componentry for processor and memory.  Partners choose the server, storage, and networking components that address their customers’ specific needs.  Configurations expand from 4 to 64 blades and to the capacity of the storage array.    


Risk is no laughing matter for partners.  Their credibility is on the line when they recommend and implement a solution.  Fortunately VirtualSystem VS3 Foundation incorporates the latest wave of one of the world’s most complete, open, and integrated systems, boasting 16 consecutive years of market share leadership and 3M blades shipped (more than our top three competitors combined).  There is true value in knowing that you’re with an established winner.  And there’s peace of mind knowing that extensive R&D and testing with Microsoft and VMware have fine-tuned specific workload configurations that are deployable in half the time.


Speaking of efficiencies, HP ProLiant Gen8 holds industry-leading benchmarks for servers running virtualization workloads, delivering 70% more compute capacity per watt than the previous generation of ProLiant.  Integrated HP 3PAR StoreServe means customers spend 90% less time managing storage.  And our HP FlexNetwork architecture delivers up to 50% faster VM performance than standard networking architectures.  All of this HP IP is at the core of the solution which partners can craft with confidence for their clients.


Lastly, there’s investment protection.  VirtualSystem VS3 Foundation 2.2 supports all cloud delivery and deployment models.  Channel partners can choose among multiple OSes and hypervisors depending on customer preference.  This way, partners can leverage existing IT while protecting their customers and themselves from vendor lock-in.  A stark contrast from other vendors who feature a one-trick pony and whose customers struggle with siloed management and incompatible networking and storage, or must migrate chassis, servers, and switches to the latest design. 


Message to partners: this one’s for you! 


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