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New HP VirtualSystem VS3 solutions for VMware – like LEGO® building blocks for your data center

By David Keith – Program Manager, HP Converged Systems


When I was growing up, I used to LOVE playing with LEGO® bricks.


I would start off with a big pile of the colorful blocks in all shapes and sizes and create all kinds of configurations and designs.  But as I started to get good at putting the pieces together, I started to seek out the new kits that provided a set of “assembly instructions” with special parts to build certain things like space ships, or castles. These instructions told me how to do things initially, but the inherent flexibility in the model allowed me to go off on a tangent and do something really cool, like build that next best space ship to Mars!


Now that I’m much older and have moved on from building cool stuff with LEGO® bricks, to building really useful stuff with Computer parts, this got me to thinking about similar my old building blocks are to the new HP VirtualSystem VS3 for VMware we are announcing at Discover.  If you think of building blocks as computer component resources and the assembly instructions as our new HP VirtualSystem VS3 for VMware product you have the basic idea of what we have created to start with.  The only difference is that a VirtualSystem VS3 would be pre-built for you; a double bonus!




As you probably know, business challenges today are generally technology challenges. A dynamic business environment increasingly relies on Flexibility and a responsive IT infrastructure to deliver cost-effective, reliable, and secure access to applications and services critical to an organization’s competitive advantage.


Delivering against these new Business requirements requires transformation of an IT environment from rigid, complex, and siloed to flexible, integrated, and converged. IT organizations remain under pressure to operate within a cost envelope while still keeping pace with today’s business and user demands, and also provide for the perceived cost of this new transformation.  


This is where my LEGO® expertise comes back to help and assist in my transformation of IT organizations.  The new HP VirtualSystem VS3 for VMware 2.2 provides a simplified, efficient, and reliable application deployment platform on HP Converged Infrastructure, AND includes a flexible choice of customizable components and services; optimized, integrated, and supported for an easily scalable virtualized environment and an open on-ramp to the cloud. 


This is a quick way to enable your VMware environment while realizing significant savings.  And to think, you already figured this out when you were just a kid playing with colorful plastic blocks.


Please learn more at

Bindi(anon) | ‎06-26-2013 01:32 PM

This solution has brought HP to the front of its competition , This enables Virtualization very simple, almost like a cake walk:smileyhappy:

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