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Ready to absorb all of the Converged Infrastructure & Cloud knowledge you can hold at HP Discover?

Hi all. HP Discover Frankfurt is mere days away (the fun starts next Tuesday). I checked with our event folks and it looks like there will be a record number of attendees; which means we all must ‘squeeze in’ everything we can to exit the event with the Converged Infrastructure and Converged Cloud knowledge we expect.
>> You can always check out what’s happening at Discover on-line (whether you’re attending or not).


I started to think: What would I want to tell all 7,000, 8,000 or even 9,000 attendees at the event if I had 5-minutes to hijack the intercom system?


Here’s what I would say:


“Welcome. Just think about how things have changed from just a year ago. Everything has changed in terms of volume, velocity, and variety ... with the Cloud ... the onslaught of information ... pervasive mobility ...  and so on. All opening up a new frontier in how businesses will operate.


I would say:
Think about your HP Discover venture as a microcosm of this new world we live and work in. And take this opportunity to find out how HP Converged Infrastructure can help you gain an edge by optimizing your data center environment though our technologies designed for convergence and our turn-key Converged Systems that can fast-track your move into the next era.


I would say:

Explore the common convergence myths and leave the event with an accurate picture of convergence so that you can make the best possible 2013 decisions. For example:


  • The myth that infrastructure convergence is a single product.
  • The myth that designing for convergence is as simple as integrating disparate products together.
         NO AGAIN. Designing for convergence requires so much more.
  • The myth that all the top technology providers design for convergence end-to-end, top-to-bottom.


HP SVP-General Managers - small.png 

I would say:

Make sure you attend the keynote panel: The power of convergence – Wednesday, December 5th – 12:45 – 1:30 (#TK2124).


This panel of senior HP leaders (listed to your right) will provide unique insights into today’s biggest market drivers; plans for the next several years to accelerate the pace of convergence between hardware, software and services to help your business achieve new levels of speed and agility; and, how other vendors are talking convergence, but how the HP Converged Infrastructure strategy is unique in that it’s designed for convergence, as an architecture, to be open and integrated ... and how HP is building on convergence to bring it all together into the most powerful cloud solution to help our customers manage traditional IT, private cloud and their public cloud applications.


I would say ...
... attending Discover could be your best career move (if you want, you can read my blog on this topic).


I would point you to ...

... my recommended HP Converged Infrastructure breakout sessions to attend, and why (see my blog on this topic as well)


I’d also point you to ...

... the HP Converged Infrastructure Pavilion in the Discover Zone to kick the tires on our CI solutions and encourage you to converse with our experts (yep, here’s another blog you can read on this topic).


I’d tell you to ...

... take a little time to absorb the nuggets of what we’re announcing as part of the HP Converged Cloud approach (including new innovations with HP CloudSystem


... learn about what HP is announcing around Information Optimization (after all, information is rapidly becoming the new currency of the business)


... and I’d suggest you Witness the unveiling of the next phase of HP Converged Storage  on December 3rd (Live or virtually) – possibly the biggest HP Storage announcement ever.



The fact is, Infrastructure convergence is a staple in every business strategy. This is because it has proven to deliver clear, exponential value in terms of speed, agility, cost management, and cloud-readiness. It’s NOT delivered through a single product or a loose collection of products held together through flimsy alliances across multiple companies. Anybody can integrate anything together. But will it work right? ... Are you locked-in (remember, HP is open)? ... or which experts will be there for you when you need help?


This is not easy stuff. Convergence is a data center-wide – end-to-end, top-to-bottom state of being that includes a mix of traditional IT and Cloud solutions.  From the beginning when we first introduced infrastructure convergence to the market, HP aligned our research, design, leadership, and intellectual property in ALL key areas required for convergence – to develop both solutions and products designed for convergence. I believe this is the kind of convergence DNA that sets HP apart from all others.


I’d wrap-up by saying ...

... Have fun and take the ‘HP Discover’ opportunity to see for yourself what true ‘designed for convergence’ can mean for you and your company.


I hope to see you next week. Not registered yet? It's not too late: Click here.


Thanks again,



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