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Drive the New Style of IT with HP Converged Infrastructure. Old networking, storage, servers and security silos come together into a simply-managed, business-oriented datacenter.

The ‘next generation of HP Converged Infrastructure’ – in ONE WORD.

Since Duncan Campbell is currently on the road visiting customers, I’m taking his place to build upon the ‘next generation’ Converged Infrastructure conversation. Previously Duncan shared his views on how the big market trends and shifts require a New Style of IT (read the blog) and the fundamental data center flaw (i.e. how data centers that build dedicated app infrastructure silos are quickly becoming unsustainable - read the blog).


In the same vein, I’d like to peel back the curtains and continue the discussion on what makes the ‘next generation of HP Converged Infrastructure’ tick. Benefiting from the New Style of IT requires that you first have the underlying IT infrastructures aligned to today’s high-velocity business world.


So when I whittle it down, the next-generation of HP Converged Infrastructure is really about one word:  SIMPLICITY.


SIMPLICITY is what drives IT ‘speed and agility’ so that time-to-application-value and service-value can be accelerated, and changes can be made on the fly when needed.


SIMPLICITY provides greater assurance that uptime targets are met without exception and SLAs can be maintained – through things like intuitive management and built-in intelligence.


SIMPLICITY drives broad efficiencies at all levels ... lower cost, less risk, and the ability to innovate faster and more often ... and the catalyst for all things required of today’s new style data center.


Obviously this is easier said than done. If it was this easy, everything wouldn’t have gotten so complex, costly, and inefficient.


This is why HP is delivering next-generation Converged Infrastructure solutions using words like frictionless, software-defined, and intelligent. A frictionless infrastructure is about having optimal performance and ease of use across the lifecycle. Software-defined is about minimizing and even eliminating many of the manual “human middleware” interventions required for provisioning, and providing greater agility and performance gains. Converged, intelligent platforms make it easier to dynamically add capacity or handle multiple workloads easily and quickly.


Data Center CI picture.jpg


These attributes serve as the backbone for removing the complexity so new applications and services can be delivered in days or minutes for all workloads at any scale ... while slashing time spent on maintenance.


Plus, by making the connection between the business, the app, and IT as seamless as possible, the ability to gain more insight on information to capitalize on the ‘human experience’ can be achieved. You know about the perils of Big Data, but this ‘human experience’ concept is quickly becoming a business imperative. A great example of this is how Google uses their ‘behind-the-scenes’ technology and powerful algorithms to create a ‘human experience’ that has made them one of the most valued businesses on the planet. In other words, it’s the foundational technologies that drive business value. Sound familiar?


Another good example of this is how NASCAR teamed with HP to capture, analyze, and track the race-day excitement to better understand what their fan base is thinking, what they need, and what they want. I invite you to explore more about this by watching this 30-second video clip below, or by visiting the site.



To me, this 30-sec video exemplifies the heart and soul of what the next-generation HP Converged Infrastructure is ultimately all about: Making it as easy as possible for IT to align and serve the business for a WIN-WIN experience.


That leads into our next ‘click-down’ on HP Converged Infrastructure: What are the core requirements that must align to drive this broad simplicity?


Stay tuned!



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