Converged Infrastructure

Transitioning from propriety platforms & legacy mainframes to cloud-ready converged infrastructures


Guest blog post written by Tracey Swales, HP WW Lead for Platform Migrations


If you were unable to recently join us in Barcelona, here’s a recap of the industry buzz behind the move from legacy environments and proprietary platforms to cloud-ready converged infrastructures.


Market Overview

The trend of migrating away from legacy mainframes is being driven by a number of factors.  Consumerization is driving higher and higher workloads that legacy mainframe environments may not be able to handle without a significant increase in costs.  Coupled with the high TCO of aging technology and risks associated with retiring workforce with embedded legacy skill sets, as well as the inability to leverage cross data center standardization, simplification and management creates the perfect environment for change.  Technological advances have reached the point where customers increasingly consider Linux and Microsoft Windows  environments as UNIX  and Mainframe alternative deployment options to save money while still maintaining or even improving on desired service levels. 


This video provides industry analyst Gartner views on how and why open systems are becoming a viable option to mainframes.



HP Approach

HP’s low risk approach provides end-to-end coverage for migration services and infrastructure components.  Decades of experience, proven migration methodology, process, transformation tools, and migration services, combined with a platform agnostic framework, results in a repeatable, cost-effective transformation process that covers all target frameworks.  This proven process can reduce the cost and risk that you would face if approaching a migration alone.



roadmap to migration | 613x243



First steps: Mainframe to Cloud

As a legacy example,  transitioning from  mainframe environments  to a cloud ready environment begins with legacy migration through re-hosting of the applications.  This is the first step to a converged infrastructure environment, which in turn is the first step to a converged cloud environment.  Migrating to a converged infrastructure enables you to take advantage of standardization and simplified cross environment management while reducing costs and risks of the legacy environment. Taking this one step further to a cloud environment enables you to take advantage of the cloud cost and management models. The cloud model you decide upon will really depend on your own needs, although most legacy core business environments will initially be hosted in managed or private cloud environments.



HP customers who have offloaded mainframes to Standard and Converged systems realize an average savings of 70%, with moves to converged infrastructure opening new opportunities via the cloud.  Further benefits from deploying IaaS in Private or Managed Cloud when appropriate can include improved agility in services deployment, improved flexibility  and additional cost efficiency.


Next steps

To understand if your legacy applications and environments can be more cost efficient on converged systems environments while still maintaining the same service levels, then why not request the Platform Advisory Service from HP?



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