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Turning 40 in a virtualized world - the journey is what you make of it

Guest blogger: Tracy Siclair (member of HP Virtualization team)


While seemingly odd connection points, turning 40 and virtualization have more commonalities than you might think. Yes, it is true…this year was the BIG 4-0 for me.  And suffice to say, I did not break down and shrivel up feeling sorry for myself. But it was a great time to reflect on the journey that got me here. Each phase of our lives plays a key role in making us who we are. From learning how to play nicely on the playground, going to the prom, getting married, to my first “real” job that ultimately led me to work for a great company like HP. Who would have thought!


The great thing is the overall journey is what you make of it. I’ve been part of HP’s Virtualization team for a few years now and the customers we’ve had the opportunity to talk with are amazing. While they don’t reveal their age to me (never ask age!), they did reveal their expectations of their virtualization experience. 


Let’s take a look back on what has been accomplished. 


There are now over 50 million virtual machines operating across the globe (and growing fast) and virtualization is clearly a critical data center enabling technology. That’s really no surprise when you think about how intertwined technology has become within the business, and its success. For those of us who work in the world of IT, it’s also clear that data center strategies are quickly changing to accommodate this new world of business speed, agility, and growth. And you guessed it, at the heart of all this is ‘virtualization’. It’s at the core of your converged infrastructure, cloud solutions, and the evolving ‘software-defined data center’.


And just like my own personal life journey while I loved it and wouldn’t trade it for anything, I certainly don’t want to go back to dorm living with fire drills in the middle of the night. Just like those in the virtualization world have loved the benefits of server virtualization, they are now ready to expand their horizons across the enterprise. Server virtualization on its own is not enough. The big question most enterprises are now asking is: 


Am I ready for the next phase of virtualization ... and how should I best approach it?


Never fear, we won’t have you put the frilly prom dresses and tuxes back on!  Instead I invite you to watch this short video by HP’s Duncan Campbell who helped answer this while at HP Discover last week.
(NOTE: If you have trouble watching the video – CLICK HERE)



Clearly, today’s data center requires modern server, storage, and networking technologies designed for convergence and virtualization. But it’s also crystal clear there is much more to it. Just like HP helped me capitalize on my career opportunities and get me out of selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door (details on that will have to wait for another blog!), HP can help you capitalize on the next phase of virtualization that expands into not only the innovative hardware but the right virtualization skills, processes, services, and governance required for smooth integration. So as you embark on the next phase of your virtualization journey, whether it be related to deploying new applications or services, providing BYOD capabilities, or accommodating your exploding data growth, think about your end-to-end virtual experience – not just the piece-parts.


Because virtualization is becoming a huge part of today’s modern data centers, we will be blogging more and more about this topic in the future – stay tuned. Until then, I invite you to explore what HP has to offer by visiting our web site:


Here’s to another birthday…may there be many more to write about.


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