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Drive the New Style of IT with HP Converged Infrastructure. Old networking, storage, servers and security silos come together into a simply-managed, business-oriented datacenter.

What are you doing to prepare your company for the new style of IT convergence?

Welcome all. My name is Duncan Campbell and I am the VP for Solutions Marketing at HP. I just returned from an incredible APJ tour meeting with customers and decided this was the opportune time to join the conversation on IT convergence.


With so much change occurring in business, data center convergence is ascending to a whole new place in the order of merit for IT Managers and Strategic Planners. As a result I plan to post a weekly blog that takes a deeper dive into and tackles the convergence topic. I hope you find this valuable and join in with your opinions and insights.


I want to kick-off this discussion with how the big market trends and shifts (and the hot topics consistent with my travels) - Cloud, Security, Big Data, and Mobility – are influencing how IT needs to be built, services consumed, and businesses will operate. Gartner calls this a “Nexus of forces”; we call it the New Style of IT – a new style of business powered by IT!


As we all know, the world in which we live and do business is changing (it feels like almost overnight). Everyone manages more data and complexity than ever before. Business must manage at the speed of the competition and respond to new opportunities the likes that our industry has never seen before. So in the words of Bob Dylan, you better start swimming or you will sink like a stone, for the times they are a -hanging”.


The numbers are staggering. According to industry analyst IDC, “recent research shows that worldwide spending on public IT cloud services is expected to approach $100 billion in 2016”1. This certainly will be good for the business because they are all about seeking speed and fitting in the data center foot print. And IT is much wiser than the previous “Cloud Washing” days as the cloud is a part of the strategy. But cloud is not the ‘end all be all’ end state for 100% of IT. Most clients I speak to believe in a hybrid end state of traditional, private, managed and public cloud applications and services. Cloud is and will continue to be a constant pressure and sometimes a threat because if IT can’t deliver apps at the speed the business needs; the LoBs will simply step over them and go outside to the cloud.


But it’s not just about cloud. With the explosion of mobile applications, the rate of smartphone adoption, the evolving mobile-enabled workforce, and how new ‘Systems of Engagement’ on smart mobile devices come to fruition and connect to the back end, everyone’s role is being reshaped and redefined. Just think about how social business and digital commerce is vastly changing the customer experience, the sales fulfillment process, and the basis for new innovative solutions. The application is quickly becoming the face of your company. It won’t be long before everyone the business touches will become an integral part of the business feedback and workflow processes. I call that the “human experience” ... and it’s becoming more consumer-like, and it will be awesome.


Plus, all of that previously dormant information is quickly becoming the new currency of the business. Again, according to IDC, “The worldwide Big Data technology and services market will grow at a whopping 31.7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) — about seven times the rate of the overall information and communication technology (ICT) market.”1  With the boundaries being blurred by the increase in mobile devices, analytics, and storage, enterprise IT environments today are faced with an unassailable amount of data. I like to think of it as the Big Data Mountain that has rich treasures if you can mine it.


All this requires a new style of IT so that you, as a data center leader, can turn on a dime, flex capacity on demand, meet your company SLAs, and serve up information to the right audience in whichever device they desire. But the question remains: How do enterprises not only accommodate all these tectonic shifts, but also remain nimble enough to stay competitive? A new style of IT is where HP’s priorities lay and where convergence comes in (delivered by HP with HP Converged Infrastructure).


I invite you to watch this short video by HP’s president and CEO Meg Whitman who shares 

the new style of enterprise IT, or view the full one-hour webcast with Meg and HP Software
EVP George Kadifa at:]



Converged Infrastructure is all about aligning IT to the application for any workload at any scale. At this point I’m sure you’re thinking that aligning IT to the business has been talked about for years – just build an application-specific silo and voila. No more. Today, the app-per-silo mentality will only get you up in the foothills. If you are to assail the mountains to gain the much needed simplicity, speed, agility, and performance, you need an approach that not only streamlines the resources (servers, storage, network, management) you have on hand, but optimizes their use across the various collection of workloads (i.e. Hyper scale, mainstream, and business critical applications). And everything must be dramatically simplified across the data center as a whole. I can’t count how many times my customer conversations centered on the word “simplicity”.


The fact remains, IT is at the heart of all these shifts. IT is what  enables and even propels the business. The pressure on IT is huge and accelerating. Using ‘piece-part, bolt-on’ solutions is not good enough anymore. If the technologies and solutions are only designed to “just keep up”, versus “designed for convergence and the way businesses operate”; that’s a recipe for diminishing returns.


One of the big mistakes IT can make is to build siloed IT solutions as a reaction to market trends. You’ve got to provision, plan and start climbing (you can tell I live in Colorado). You’ve got to embrace the shifts and adopt a new style of IT that will supply the power you need for your ascent.


This short video will give you a feel for the exciting times that lie beyond the horizon. In this video, HP’s Stephen DeWitt (SVP, Enterprise Marketing) shares more about this ‘new style of IT’ I mentioned, and how HP Converged Infrastructure dramatically simplifies the user experience.



In the coming weeks, I’ll be building upon this blog with topics  that explore the fundamental data center flaw that is holding IT back, learnings, and customer best practices. I’ll peel back the covers of what the next generation of HP Converged Infrastructure is all about, and talk about the important attributes and benefits you should expect. Stay tuned and get engaged.


Thanks for listening and as always I welcome your feedback.



abel correa(anon) | ‎01-26-2014 06:36 PM



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