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Whoever says management software can’t be as collaborative & user-friendly as Facebook is wrong!

Guest blog from Brad Kirby,  Manager, Converged Virtual and Cloud Systems team


Just about every smartphone app I’ve ever used has a friendly user interface that makes it simple for me to do what I want to do, whether it’s keeping up with friends or checking mortgage rates (we’re looking to purchase a house). What if that same ease of use was available when managing your data center? And, what if your IT team could use that same system to work together more effectively? This week I want to give you a sense of  how consumer-application interfaces make a great model for managing your converged infrastructure.


Wouldn’t it be great if your data center management software made it as easy to collaborate with your IT team as it is to update your Facebook status? Imagine being able to communicate with colleagues about tasks completed or problems that required a collaborative fix as easily as you let your friends know what you did over the weekend. Rather than having to trace convoluted email threads or a trail of sticky notes scattered throughout the data center, streamlined tools would centralize data center management, allowing your IT team to work together in a natural, user-friendly manner.


Traditional infrastructure  management tools lag far behind the one-touch simplicity of today’s consumer apps like Facebook, Twitter, and iTunes. These highly powerful applications shield you from underlying complexity, allowing you to perform multiple tasks with the click of a button. Management tools need to learn from this approach to help you manage your expanding data center more effectively and efficiently.


Your IT team needs tools with features like these:

  • A single user-friendly management interface that isn’t simply a platform for launching to other tools or executing scripts.
  • A news-feed style communications approach that provides a real-time forum for sending and receiving team messages, task notices and system alerts, with the ability to post the resolution of those alerts
  • A mobile-friendly user interface that lets you manage the data center from the device of your choice from any location.
  • A dashboard that gives you the ability to visualize the entire converged infrastructure with just one click
  • A “smart search” feature that lets you instantly find exactly what you’re looking for
  • A visual “map view” display of resource status, relationships, and dependencies to enable fast, collaborative troubleshooting

Data centers are expected to have twice as many virtual machines and users and three times as many devices by 2015. In such a scenario, management tools that rely on outmoded tree-and-branch search functions will take an enormous amount of time just to pinpoint problems.


Older infrastructure management tools can also overwhelm you with a huge amount of data about your entire infrastructure. A streamlined approach would offer interactive data points that reveal information on a progressive basis as you need it. By aggregating and prioritizing key information, the management system would make it easier to quickly identify and solve problems as they surface.


By bringing a collaborative approach to your converged infrastructure management, you could work in a way that takes into account the interdependencies between various members of your IT team. A management system that understands and incorporates natural workflow processes would enable you to work faster and to locate trouble spots more quickly. As an added bonus, workflow templates would make it possible for more junior IT members to carry out tasks that used to require senior staff to execute.


Such features aren’t just the stuff of a data center manager’s dreams. They now exist today in HP OneView converged infrastructure management software. Based on four years of documented research, HP OneView brings the best of the consumer world to the enterprise.


To find out more about how a consumer-inspired user experience can change the way you manage your infrastructure, visit the HP OneView website.




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