Converged Infrastructure
Drive the New Style of IT with HP Converged Infrastructure. Old networking, storage, servers and security silos come together into a simply-managed, business-oriented datacenter.

With alliance members like these, who needs enemies?

For at least the past 6 months, there have been signals of rift among the VCE Joint Venture partners – EMC, Cisco and VMware. Earlier this week, EMC, Cisco and VCE announced that VCE will become an EMC business and that Cisco is reducing its VCE stake from 35% to just about 10%.

Welcome to the world of Software-defined Everything: 3 must-see sessions at HP Discover

Is software taking over the world (of the data center)? Maybe not. But interest in software-defined-just-about-anything is definitely on the rise.

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HP OneView achieves another milestone – more than 50,000 licenses sold!

A great innovation accelerates change, because people recognize value when they see it. In July HP announced that we had sold 25,000 HP OneView licenses. Now less than 90 days later, we have more than doubled that number to 50,000 licenses sold and installed in more than 1,000 different customers in 80 countries.* This is encouraging to see, as data centers are plagued by siloed infrastructure, management, and processes that lead to more steps, time, and opportunity for error – this is what HP OneView helps resolves.

What’s your recourse when you discover your soon to be x86 vendor is more style than substance?

By Adrian Velez, Enterprise Group – Solutions Content Strategist


There’s an idiom we frequently hear in Texas about being “all hat and no cattle” which loosely translates into being all talk and no substance. This can be especially unnerving when the lack of substance has the potential to adversely impact your short and long term IT plans. Can one draw the conclusion that Lenovo’s silence on improving IBM’s x86 server line implies that they have no plan? Since the welfare of your business is dependent (in its most simplistic terms) on the trust you place in your vendor—insights into product roadmaps, specifically server improvements and intended upgrade paths, are critical.

Information technology innovation—redefined

Chris Coggrave.jpgBy Chris Coggrave, Chief Technologist and Strategist, HP Data Center Consulting


HP’s Chris Coggrave says technology is only as good as the business value you derive from it. In his latest blog, he lays out the four simple questions IT executives must answer to determine whether a technology innovation is right for the business.

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