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Transitioning from propriety platforms & legacy mainframes to cloud-ready converged infrastructures


Blog post written by Tracey Swales, HP WW Lead for Platform Migrations


If you were unable to recently join us in Barcelona, here’s a recap of the industry buzz behind the move from legacy environments and proprietary platforms to cloud-ready converged infrastructures.


Market Overview

The trend of migrating away from legacy mainframes is being driven by a number of factors.  Consumerization is driving higher and higher workloads that legacy mainframe environments may not be able to handle without a significant increase in costs.  Coupled with the high TCO of aging technology and risks associated with retiring workforce with embedded legacy skill sets, as well as the inability to leverage cross data center standardization, simplification and management creates the perfect environment for change.  

My TOP HP Discover takeaways to kick-off 2014 on the right path.

With HP Discover [Barcelona] over, I can only imagine how difficult it is to synthesize all the information into a nice, concise package that helps you move forward with relevance. This blog is about helping you do just that ... and kick-off 2014 on the right foot.

Sharks Rule at HP Discover Barcelona

Written by Paul Gavin, Product Marketing Manager, HP Converged Systems


I'm back from HP Discover Barcelona and what a show! I enjoyed talking to those of you who attended and wanted to share my impressions from the HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization booth and what customers were saying about the new HP ConvergedSystem 700 for Virtualization.


2013 was a great year for IT convergence—with much more to come in 2014!

There's no doubt 2013 was a year filled up with innovation in technology. New approaches raised, and the path towards the future of a business-aligned IT is clearer every day. Join me as I go through some of the most significant events during 2013.

You asked and we delivered: HP ConvergedSystem for the new era of Virtualization!


Written by Deepak Belani, HP Marketing Manager


In case you missed it, the Sharks are in the water this week at HP Discover. That's what we affectionately call the new HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization because these new systems are the FASTEST way to virtualize. Simple, efficient, agile, fast, and best in class. Just as the shark is designed perfectly for what it does, these new integrated, workload optimized systems are designed from the ground up for convergence, to get you to the fastest way to virtualize and a shorter time to value.

Next generation CloudSystem makes IaaS easier

By Ken Spear, Senior Marketing Manager (HP CloudSystem and OneView)


The new HP CloudSystem makes it easier for your organization to get on the fast track to cloud now. You can offer basic Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), advanced infrastructure services, or application services quickly, reliably and in a cost-efficient manner.   


You don’t need to take a do it yourself approach to the cloud.  CloudSystem provides an easy on ramp with many entry points. It is built on HP’s converged infrastructure that can be set-up and deployed in hours. This fully integrated and tested product delivers cloud in a box, so you can see rapid time to value. It is a proven product now deployed in more than 1,100 enterprises worldwide.


Cloud in a box.png

While CloudSystem is easy to deploy and use, you won’t be boxed in. It reduces your risk by providing the most openand flexible hybrid cloud solution available.

Once installed, you can also easily transition between private and public cloud through cloud bursting.


Read on to learn more.

3D Graphics – Building Momentum

Written by Guest Blogger Travis Kuter, HP WW Alliance Manager for Citrix Systems


Citrix, HP and NIVIDIA have teamed up to enable IT organizations to deliver secure, mobile, graphic-intensive apps that the 3D Graphics market is hungry for. The latest NVIDIA GRID™ vGPU™ technology on Citrix XenDesktop 7.1 and the HP ProLiant WS460c Graphics Server Blade are a winning combination for high-performance graphics.

Citrix hosted desktops--powered by HP Moonshot

Written by Citrix Guest Blogger Kevin Strohmeyer, Director Product Marketing, Citrix


 Are you looking for consistent business graphics and multimedia performance for your remote mainstream  workers? The HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops is an all-in-one compute, storage and networking system based on HP Moonshot, delivering 180 desktops for Citrix XenDesktop environments. The unique Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) technology enables bare metal and just in time OS provisioning providing all the benefits of VDI without hypervisor management.

“Sharks” in the press at HP Discover, Barcelona – Day One coverage

Here’s a brief summary of the announcement that was presented by Tom Joyce,  Senior Vice President and General Manager, HP Converged Systems. The HP ConvergedSystem is a new product line completely reengineered up based on 21st-century assets and architectures for the New Style of IT. This is an important point as Tom emphasized - this is not a collection of piece parts, this is a completely new engineered solution, built on core building that are workload-optimized systems which are easy to buy, manage, and support - order to operations in as few as 20 days, with ONE tool to manage and most importantly having ONE point of accountability.

What Does The Fox Say? HP Vertica knows.

Written by guest blogger: Jodie  Jordanger


What does the Fox really say? HP Vertica uses big data analytics to settle the debate.  While the secret of the fox is known by few, HP Vertica has unlocked the ancient mystery by analyzing both its structured and unstructured proclivities  - all within the same system.   And, it does so at warp speed. 

The HP “Sharks” are in the Water

Written by guest blogger Tom Joyce


Seven months ago HP announced the formation of our new Converged Systems business unit.  I was excited to be asked to lead this new team because so many of our customers had told us they needed truly converged platforms for their datacenters.  Over the last five years HP had developed Converged Infrastructure technologies for storage, networking and servers that enabled better and more cost effective solutions, but it was time to take it to the next level.  We needed to bring all those technologies together in a way that collapsed the cost of IT infrastructure and made everything faster and easier.

Offering a no compromise PC experience

By HP guest blogger Dan Nordhues, HP Client Virtualization Worldwide Manager


Do you struggle to provide your mainstream users a dedicated PC experience with the business graphics and multimedia performance they need while also meeting your own requirements for simplicity, lower deployment cost and energy efficiency? Meet the new HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops - a full-powered PC experience for knowledge workers powered by HP Moonshot.

Simplified IT: HP ConvergedSystem 700 for Virtualization

By HP guest blogger Paul Gavin


In business, as in life, unforeseen and unplanned events occur. In these circumstances you have to react quickly to a new set of dynamics. That often means you don't have the time or resources to carefully design and implement a solution to meet the new requirements. The new HP ConvergedSystem 700 for Virtualization can shorten time to value.

Get more from your IT – simplify virtualization

By HP guest blogger Alain Inugai


Are you struggling to keep up with your virtualization needs?  Is the complexity of designing, tuning and most importantly – maintaining your IT infrastructure standing in the way of delivering new services and applications that drive increased value to your business? The new HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Virtualization can help you take full advantage of the potential of virtualization while minimizing your headaches.

HP introduces workload-optimized integrated systems to help you simplify IT, accelerate innovation

Today, you can free your IT resources from the complexity of technology integration. Today, HP delivers the industry’s most modern portfolio built from the ground up for convergence. Meet HP ConvergedSystem products – workload-optimized systems that are easy to buy, manage and support.

In person or online at HP Discover – Here’s who to follow during the event in Barcelona

As a follow on to my blog late last week about if you are unable to attend HP Discover, I also wanted to update you of the large group of Industry blogger attending the event this week. This is an interesting group because they have a passion for technology and are always looking to find the latest news on new tech. This year we have invited 26 independent bloggers to HP Discover in Barcelona. These bloggers represent not only HP’s target customers (business and IT decision makers worldwide), but many are also considered leading voices who drive Social Media discussions around current and future states of hardware and software. As expert practitioners, they have a technical credibility with their audiences.  

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