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Understanding the basics of HDI and VDI and the impact on your bottom line

By Karen Brown, HP Client Virtualization Portfolio Marketing


The best way to understand new delivery models that support mobile desktops is to start with the users and determine what they need to make their jobs more efficient and easy. Where does the new HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops fit in the spectrum of users? Read on to find out.

HP ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA is now available

By Jodie Jordanger, HP Converged Systems


 SAP HANA provides companies with the opportunity to transform their business into a real-time, data driven enterprise and enables customers to access large amounts of transactional and analytics data very, very quickly.  However, transformative technologies like SAP HANA would not be possible without the technology enablement offered by HP. Enter HP ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA –a pre-built, optimized for SAP HANA system, that’s easy to buy, manage, and support and includes servers, storage, networking, and software, all in one tidy package.

We’re listening. How do your peers rank infrastructure convergence vendors?

As we all know, the enterprise is changing; with the pressure on CIOs and IT leaders growing. We have talked a lot about the value of HP Converged Infrastructure, but what are enterprise IT leaders saying they want from their convergence vendor and how does HP stack-up?

5 Reasons Why Customers Choose HP OneView over the Competition

Guest blog by Brad Kirby, Group Manager, HP Converged Systems


HP OneView is a game changer. Here are 5 reasons why and why customers are choosing it over the competition.

Looking for an easy 101 on HP Converged Systems that we fondly call “Sharks”? Read on.

Last year HP invested in a new business group call HP Converged Systems that up levels how IT can now deploy into the datacenter. These new workload optimized systems are knowledge-packed and battle-tested systems specifically designed for the most critical workloads.

HP Global Supply Chain Systems implements AppSystems for SAP HANA

You may have heard us refer to HP AppSystems for SAP HANA as a game-changing solution and wondered how that could be. Well, for the HP Printing business’ Global Supply Chain Systems, it really has dramatically altered how and when data is accessed. Now, instead of waiting for daily snapshots of data and overnight batch reports, sales managers, supply chain managers, and planners have real-time or near-real-time data at their fingertips.


This HP AppSystems for SAP HANA case study gives you a good picture of how – and why – this was done. The biggest why is speed: Business people can run more queries, including ad hoc ones, 11 times faster than with the previous process. And data from source systems is available 54 times faster. Sounds like a game-changer to me!


To learn more about HP Solutions for SAP HANA




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The Converged Data Center: More than "the new mainframe"

Rapidly converging infrastructure makes the comparison of today’s data center with big iron plausible. But that picture's not complete.

Tags: DCIM

Reach beyond the cloud with SYNNEX and HP.

SYNNEX not only enhances your business selling HP solutions, they can also put you in a set of wheels that will impress your customers and make your co-workers envious. Find out how at HP GPC 2014.

The perfect virtualization platform for midsize businesses

For some organizations, the full benefits of virtualization – faster provisioning, smaller footprint, better resource utilization, increased uptime, energy savings, to name a few – may seem out of reach because of cost and complexity concerns. Smaller companies, for example, typically lack the IT resources and skill sets to take on virtualization projects. Or perhaps you’ve dabbled in virtualization and like the results but don’t look forward to repeating the process...

Interested in capturing more share of the analytics market? Avnet and HP know how.

If you're attending the HP Global Partner Conference on March 24-26 in Las Vegas, be sure to catch the session hosted by HP Partner Avnet on building a Big Data practice.  

Register for HP OneView with VMware Integration Webinar on March 26

Do you need a more efficient and simpler way to manage your real and virtualized environments?  See how easily a VMware admin can simplify and automate tasks---and yes, even set up a vSphere cluster in 5 easy steps. 

Keep firmware updates from hurting your bottom line with HP OneView and VMware vCenter integrations

Guest blog by John Gilmore, HP OneView product manager


Downtime can be an expensive proposition.  The new HP OneView 1.05 vCenter plug-in integrates VMware vCenter with HP OneView and lets you automate firmware updates from within the vCenter console

Make your business more competitive: in-memory computing solutions from HP and SAP HANA

Our latest co-innovation project with SAP is a scalable in-memory computing solution that lets you unify all your mission-critical business transactions and analytics data on a single database. This short video gives you an idea of what these purpose-built and fully optimized HP AppSystems for SAP HANA can do for your business – with data analysis faster than with traditional database environments. It also helps you see why SAP named HP its Technology Partner Innovator of the Year.




To learn more about HP Solutions for SAP HANA




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It’s a new era of virtualization

What’s on your wish list for virtualization? Simplified ordering? Ease of deployment? Faster time to value? Fewer tools and easier support processes? Scalability so you can meet not just today’s needs but tomorrow's as well? A system optimized for your specific workloads? Increased efficiency? Investment protection?

NFV Standards—HP enables the silver lining service providers need

The dark cloud of inflexible carrier networks has been raining on communications service providers for years. Now OTT competitors have turned up the heat. Julia Ochinero says efforts to standardize network functions virtualization (NFV) promise to clear away the fog.

In-memory computing: Ready for prime time

Looking for a simpler, more efficient way to access transactional and analytics data in real time? SAP HANA in-memory computing technology lets you process massive quantities of data in a server’s main memory for immediate results from analysis and transactions. With pre-integrated, pre-configured, pre-tested HP ConvergedSystem products, you get a proven, direct, and cost-effective path to the real-time insights that SAP HANA makes possible. And you’ll discover why HP was named SAP’s 2013 Technology Partner Innovator of the Year.


For a closer look at how in-memory computing lets you better leverage analytics with ERP, register for the “HP newsletter featuring Gartner Research:  In-Memory Computing Will Significantly Impact ERP Architectures and Investment Plans.


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HP ConvergedSystem at Global Partner Conference March 24-26

Learn how the new HP ConvergedSystem product lines will drive growth for partners at the upcoming Global Partner Conference at Las Vegas on March 24-26.

Life in a Big Data World

SAP customers are looking to emerging in-memory computing technologies like SAP HANA to access large amounts of transactional and analytics data very, very quickly. Choosing the right delivery model and partner for SAP HANA is just as  important for a successful implementation.

DreamWorks Animation uses HP technology to bring time-traveling dog to life in Mr. Peabody & Sherman

DreamWorks Animation has done it again.


Through the partnership with HP technologies and the innovative techniques by DreamWorks Animation might just make Mr. Peabody & Sherman the best animated feature film yet.

HP is Converging, IBM is Diverging

IBM is out of the x86 server business. How does IBM’s exit from this critical market affect your plans, your strategy and your ability to move forward? Tom Joyce, Senior Vice President and General Manager, HP ConvergedSystem, discusses the issues and why HP is a good choice for moving forward.

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