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Solve your Big Data, Virtualization, Mobility and Systems Management Challenges with HP Sharks

Learn more about the HP Converged Systems aka HP Sharks portfolio in 3 days at HP Discover Las Vegas than you can in months any other way. Bring your questions and ask our experts in person. Come join us at the Converged Systems sessions. Register for HP Discover today!

Register for Hands-On Lab at Citrix Synergy for ConvergedSystem 100 powered by HP Moonshot

By Guest Blogger Karen Brown, HP Client Virtualization Portfolio Marketing


Citrix Synergy is almost here---May 6-8 in Los Angeles. Sign up today for the HP Hands-on Learning Lab that will show you how to provision and deliver Windows 7 desktops with XenDesktop and PVS along with HP deployment tools.

What do Captain America, Stan Lee and the amazing HP OneView have in common?

The latest Marvel Comics movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, is hitting ticket sales out of the ballpark. How does Stan Lee do it---create characters first for comic books that were popular decades ago, then bring them back larger-than-life and make them relevant for today's movie audiences? HP knows what it takes to follow up a winner with another one. IDC recently wrote about one of them---HP OneView---and how HP continues to produce winning infrastructure management tools.

Find the right balance with HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization

By Guest Blogger Marc Kravitz, Technical Marketing, HP Converged Systems


In baseball, it's imperative to have a well-balanced team that performs well in all facets of the game in order to make it into the World Series. IT is no different. Read on to find out how HP builds a winning offense and defense into the HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization so you can turn your attention to helping your organization win business.

Converged Infrastructure questions IT executives keep asking—IDC Connection reports.

We hear a lot of questions asked about “what is converged infrastructure”, “Why do I need it?” and “What should I look for?” I could answer these questions, but I thought you’d rather hear some answers from IDC instead.

Options for managing your SAP HANA environment

When you choose SAP HANA, you can access information about your enterprise in real-time. Information that can be used to enhance the customer experience, strengthen your competitive advantage, and uncover new growth opportunities.


By relying on Enterprise Services to manage your SAP HANA environment, you can free your staff to focus on database transformation to make the most of this revolutionary in-memory database platform.  We offer several options: SAP HANA applications and servers, as-a-Service solutions, and managed services.


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Why your IT and facilities management tools need to work together

Do you have a good picture of your physical, as well as your logical infrastructure elements? If not, you could be missing out on some significant synergies.

Tags: DCIM

A detailed view of what’s under the hood with HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter Server

By Guest Blogger Steeve Daigle, Product Marketing, HPConverged Systems


HP has integrated HP OneView with VMware vCenter. Let's go 'under the hood' for a detailed walk-through on how to set up HP OneView and other required components of this solution so they work properly together.

The innovation inside the HP ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA

WWBigData.jpgIt’s easy to say the HP ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA is optimized for in-memory computing, but proving it takes a little more explanation. To understand the facts behind the figures, I recently sat down with Doug Janes, Technologist for SAP HANA, HP Converged Systems, to ask for a more detailed explanation of some of the claims. As HP paves the way for even greater performance within complex SAP environments, it’s great to have a basic understanding of why this latest HP ConvergedSystem outperforms its competition. 

Tags: 3PAR| SAP| SAP HANA| sharks

The fastest path to virtualization. With breakthrough TCO.


Virtualization has proven its mettle in a variety of ways: faster provisioning, smaller footprint, better resource utilization, increased uptime and energy savings. That’s not to say it doesn’t come with challenges. System design, component selection, deployment, integration, testing, tweaking – these can take a lot of time and effort.


Putting the power of Big Data into the hands of everyone

Whether your business is small, medium or large, now there’s a way you can reap the benefits of Big Data quickly and easily. Microsoft and HP have partnered together to deliver a pre-packaged turnkey Big Data solution for the modern Data Warehouse that is enterprise-class and is easy to buy, manage and support. 

Let’s get physicalization…with Desktops and HP Moonshot at Synergy!

By Karen Brown, HP Converged Systems 


Has technology come full circle with a solution to make IT smaller? Read about 'Physicalization', which allows the use of smaller laptop style hardware and consolidates multiple segmented units all into a single chassis to enable multiple independent compute, network, storage, and graphics for each user.

Twice the storage density: HP AppSystems for SAP HANA with 3PAR

In-memory computing platforms like SAP HANA represent a technological shift in the way companies deal with data. HP and SAP have joined forces to deliver SAP HANA in a resilient, highly available application configuration: HP AppSystems for SAP HANA. This innovative system enables the processing of massive quantities of real-time data in server main memory for significantly faster query results.


To preserve the integrity and availability of information across shutdown and failover scenarios, an in-memory database requires high-performance storage for both data and logs. And that’s what HP 3PAR gives you. In fact, HP AppSystems for SAP HANA with 3PAR delivers twice the compute and storage density of the previous model and significantly better storage performance. Here’s a white paper that describes the scale-out configuration with HP 3PAR storage technology for high availability and enhanced performance: HP AppSystems for SAP HANA.


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Making the right decision before you BUY is the secret: Evaluating your convergence vendor

As imagined, every vendor puts their own spin on their version of infrastructure convergence reality. That’s why we called upon George Weiss from the Gartner Group to weigh-in and weight vendors.

HP OneView automated management saves time and increases productivity

Guest blog by Brad Kirby, HP OneView product group manager

With the template-based approach of HP OneView, a transportation company is able to spend less time configuring and deploying hardware and more time coming up with innovative solutions.  

Turn Data into Actionable Business Insights at Warp Speed

By Guest blogger Irshad Raihan, Product Manager, HP Converged Systems


The HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Vertica combines the best of Vertica software and HP’s solution design experience in high performance computing into a single system, optimized for top query performance, high availability and seamless scale. This new HP ConvergedSystem can reduce your time to value and your total cost of ownership across the lifecycle of the system. 

Radical standardization across the data center simplifies IT

By Guest blogger Brent Allen, HP Converged Systems Product Marketing


What if you could build everything necessary for an ecosystem into a bounded infrastructure? That was the question HP asked in June of 2013, when we formed the new HP Converged Systems business unit and took a fresh approach to reduce infrastructure complexity and simplify IT for our customers.

An HP ConvergedSystem optimized for SAP HANA

WWBigData.jpgWhile CIOs support the idea of accelerating computing to meet business demands, there remains the issue of streamlining the datacenter to simplify complex SAP environments. Recently HP launched a system tailored to the needs of in-memory computing. To better understand the unique attributes of the!tab=features, I asked Frances Guida, long-time SAP specialist, to walk me through the basics of this new system.

Speed-of-thought analytics with in-memory solution

Do you get frustrated because you don’t always have up-to-the-minute information on which to base decisions? Would being able to analyze data faster than your traditional database environment help?


Watch this short video to see how purpose-built, fully integrated HP AppSystems for SAP HANA lets you do exactly that. It’s our latest co-innovation project with SAP. Unify all your mission-critical business transactions and analytics data on a single database with this scalable in-memory computing solution.



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DCIM's role in solving data center pain points: new insights from IDC

By Steve Wibrew, Services Strategy and Portfolio Lead, HP IT Management and Automation Services


Steve_Wibrew_badge_176x304_tcm245_1417919_tcm245_1422290_32_tcm245-1417919.pngData centers are struggling to keep up with new demands and are “plagued with downtime because of lack of visibility and control over resources,” the analyst firm says. Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is a way forward, but IT organizations may need help with the implementation and process changes.

Whitman: HP Will Cash In on Dell and IBM ‘Instability'

Written by Paul Miller, Vice President of WW Marketing, HP Converged Systems


There was an interesting article featuring HP's Meg Whitman speaking at the recent industry analyst conference in Boston, about the news of IBM’s exiting the x86 business and sale to Lenovo, along with Dell’s excruciating journey to privatization. “We think there is a real near-term opportunity for HP to actually gain share among some of our competitors who appear to be a little less stable than we do right now,” Meg said. 

A New Style of IT for a New Style of Partner

The new style of IT is changing how customers acquire and manage infrastructure so IT has more time for business innovation. It demands a new style of partner who can spend more time as a business advisor. The new HP ConvergedSystem is designed for channel delivery and supports the new style of partner that customers demand.

DCIM: Backbone of the new data center

Data center infrastructure management tackles the challenge of data center complexity head-on. Check out this podcast interview with two HP experts to learn what DCIM can do for your organization.


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