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Fly with United Airlines, then test drive HP OneView to new heights at HP Discover

Learn more about HP OneView, the revolutionary infrastructure management platform, and how it's helping United Airlines to soar to new altitudes. You can also test drive it yourself at the HP Converged Systems Interactive Demo Wall at HP Discover.

The Microserver Breakthrough in Hosted Desktop Infrastructure

By Guest blogger Matt Kimball, AMD, Sr Product Marketing Manager


Desktop virtualization has many forms. Learn about an exciting Hosted Desktop Infrastructure system - the HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops - that delivers a rich graphical experience for users and a compelling cost per user for companies.  

How often do you get to pick up a $1K airline voucher and a winning IT strategy at the same time?

Pick up a ticket to win a $1000 airline voucher at the HP Converged Systems keynote session at HP Discover. You'll pick up a winning IT strategy as well!

5 reasons to enrich your infrastructure management view

Hear from experts about the reasons you should change  from your traditional infrastructure management tools to HP Oneview.

Getting extra value from HP Converged Systems at every stage in the lifecycle

By Guest blogger Paul Gavin, HP Converged Systems


With every investment, you want asssurance that you'll get a good return. HP Converged Systems can more than double IT productivity and reduce TCO by up to 30%, delivering benefits at every stage of their lifecycle.

Converged Systems that work for today’s mobile workforce

Today’s workforce wants to work from anywhere and expects technology to work as well there as it does in the office. How do companies maintain a consistent user experience while simplifying deployment and boosting productivity? If this sounds of interest to you, come to HP Discover 2014 and learn what HP and key partners are doing to help workers get their jobs done from anywhere today.

Will the real converged systems please stand up?

CiscoLive truck image.jpg

VCE is touting the Vblock Systems as the 'true' converged systems. But we think what they're promoting is out of date. Read about the HP Converged Systems and why they deliver a truly exceptional converged system approach for our customers.

Don't let your network get trapped in the Cisco/VMware rift

By Yanick Pouffary, Distinguished Technologist, HP Technology Services Networking & Mobility


Yanick-Pouffary.jpgAs any history buff will tell you, you don’t have to look far for stories of one-time allies turning against each other. And when alliances crumble, it’s a good idea to get well out of the way.


I’ve been reminded of that recently by the growing tension in the Cisco – VMware partnership ...

Are you ready to exploit the value of convergence? Attend HP Discover and learn how.

Let your HP Discover planning begin. This is your opportunity to get a strong-hold on your convergence deployments, cloud solutions, integrated systems, software-defined this and that, and optimize all of it. Do you need help rationalizing your attendance? The following post should more than help.

HP Sharks take a bite out of Big Data challenges

If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer volume and velocity of data generated every minute of every day, no wonder you are stuck trying to figure out what Big Data solution is the right one to meet your organization’s Big Data needs. What is the best data analytics solution? How does it integrate with the tools and data warehouse you’ve already got in place? Which solution is powerful, scalable and reliable enough to deal with the growing volumes of data? Get insights into Big Data at HP Discover 2014 and get going on the best solution for your organization.

Who's rearranging the deck chairs?

EMC and Cisco have announced a new joint channel program for selling Vblock systems and VSPEX solutions - their third try at designing a VCE channel program. HP has a channel friendly program in place for its HP Converged Systems portfolio that is working just fine.  Read what the press is saying.

Anywhere, anytime medical information access improves patient outcomes

By Guest blogger Pete Brey, HP Worldwide Cloud Solutions Marketing Manager


Rapid access to electronic medical records from any device for clinical staff is critical to ensure timely patient treatment and to ultimately improve patient outcomes. HP Mobile Care solves this problem for healthcare providers.Learn about the HP Mobile Care reference architecture that's available to enable anywhere, anytime access to medical information.

While Software-Defined holds the promise of changing everything – you need to do your homework.

The vision of a ‘Software Defined Data Center’ has been touted as the next big thing to better align IT to the speed of the business – and I think that is true. What’s also true is that the SDDC promise is running ahead of the reality. Which is another way of saying: Be cautious, do your homework, and achieve big gains along the way.

Still looking for that simple way to manage your IT infrastructure?

HP has a fresh approach to infrastructure management—Converged Management withHP OneView. Join me at HP Discover and learn how you can radically simplify management of your IT infrastructure.

Resistance is a lost opportunity – 10 reasons why you need to move to Converged Infrastructure now.

Even with the best IT technology on the planet. Even with the best services, partners, and collective expertise. And even with the smartest IT staff members our clients could ever imagine. Why is there still not enough time to meet the needs of the business in a timely fashion? And why are you still spending so much time on operations and maintenance – not on innovation? Find out how the HP Converged infrastructure integration system solutions can flip that ratio, and top reasons why you need to move to a converged infrastructure.

Looking for Expert Bracketologists

By Guest Blogger Don Wilson, HP Converged Systems


March Madness is over but "armchair" basketball experts are still around predicting who will be the NBA champion. Experts abound everywhere. HP has its experts too including design expertise in the form of App Maps. Learn why they're important and how they can help you.

A Shiver of Sharks @ HP Discover!

At HP Discover Las Vegas next month, you'll have the opportunity to see, explore, and interact with hundreds of new and current HP products and solutions. Who would guess there would be sharks there as well! But there will, and you definitely should check them out! 

Introducing a new Big Data analytics System in a Box

Analyze all your data together.  Check!


Capture real-time analytics to speed business decisionmaking. Check!


Deploy next gen data warehousing technology to meet growing Big Data demands. Check!


Meet the new HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Microsoft Analytics Platform. It's ready to go!

How HP and VMware are helping customers on their SAP HANA journey

Today’s announcement by SAP and VMware to support HANA on VMware vSphere 5.5 in production environments helps by providing greater flexibility and options for customers. And HP + VMware is the ideal solution for customers looking to manage their analytics landscape and for customers who want to build out their SAP HANA journey.The HP ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA is the platform you can count on for physical and virtual deployments. 

How fast can you pedal? Helping a bicycle works work faster

By Hans-Ulrich Schaller, Global SAP Partner Business Manager for HP


No matter how fast you pedal, a bicycle can only reach a certain speed. According to the International Human Powered Vehicle Association (IHPVA), that top speed now stands at a little over 83 MPH. Not bad. But for a number of reasons, the chances of boosting this speed by 90% in the near future are slim. Not so with a major manufacturer of bicycles, Avon Cycles, Ltd. With HP appliances running its SAP HANA in-memory database, it has dramatically accelerated the production of reports … which has enabled it to improve supply chain management, increase staff productivity and save money.

HP extends leading Z Workstation family into virtualization realm

By Guest blogger Jeff Groudan, Worldwide Director, Thin Client and Virtual Workstation Product Management


There's a powerful new kid on the block perfect for graphics-rich applications that brings together HP’s industry leading server technology, NVIDIA® GRID™ GPU virtualization technology and Citrix® virtualization technology into one solution from the WW leader in workstations. See it at Citrix Synergy this week!

Get in the tank with the original HP Sharks at Discover Las Vegas

Sharks are the ultimate hunting machine. Come see HP's own Sharks in action - the ultimate virtual machine, HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization is purpose-built for next-generation automation. Learn how this HP ConvergedSystem provides the fastest way to virtualize your environment. Join me at these HP Discover Converged Systems Virtualization sessions!

Get virtualized 2x faster with HP Sharks

By Guest blogger Deepak Belani, HP Converged Systems



Want to know the fastest path to virtualize your environment? Check out the infographic and videos in this article to learn more about how the HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization aka HP Sharks has been purpose-built to resolve your most pressing Virtualization challenges.

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