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HANA, huh, what is it good for? (Quite a lot, actually)

By Guest blogger Doug Janes, Technical Marketing, HP Converged Systems


Dealing with Big Data is a journey not a pitstop. It requires vision, planning, and addressing all the different business applications associated with analytics, reporting, enterprise data warehousing, etc. If you're considering SAP HANA as part or all of your solution, this "SAP HANA 101" series can help you understand what it is, what it does and what HP has to offer in way of solutions. In this first article, Doug Janes gives you some background on SAP HANA to get you started on your journey.

Hybrid Cloud. Let’s talk value and how it affects IT decision-makers.

You’ve heard the term ‘Hybrid Cloud’, but what really is it, why now and what value does it bring to your business, and what are business and IT leaders thinking about it?

New HP ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP HANA captures top spots on SPECjbb2013-MultiJVM benchmark

By Guest blogger Jodie Jordanger, Product Marketing, HP Converged Systems


Transforming scale-up x86 computing, the HP ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP HANA provides a single platform to run the industry’s largest mission-critical SAP HANA workloads, while helping clients reduce costs and improve response time to meet business demands. But it doesn't end there. HP's recent SPECjbb2013-MultiJVM benchmark results on the new HP ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP HANA running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 for SAP Applications show 2X higher performance over the competition for scale-up SAP HANA environments. Check it out!

HP Discover – One week later, what did I miss?



It’s already been a week since I was at HP Discover in Las Vegas, and as typically happens I get back to the already appears a year has gone by. I did promise myself to send out a post that summarizes the event and provide video and session links that have now become available. So before another year...opps I mean another week, here is an update.

Building on the case of: “Why Converged Infrastructure Technologies are important”.

Helen Tang - the HP Converged Infrastructure WW Solution lead - joins the conversation with other independent bloggers regarding the importance of converged technologies in our new world.

The Powerful Integration of HP OneView and VMware vCenter Operations Manager

By Guest blogger Ken Spear, Product Marketing, HP Converged Systems


Greater simplification and automation through integration. That’s what HP and VMware are delivering.


The recently released HP OneView for VMware vCenter allows you to combine the operations management capabilities of VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite with the powerful infrastructure lifecycle management and automation of HP OneView. Now users can manage physical as well as virtualized server, storage and networking resources from a familiar VMware console while automating many routine activities. This saves time and reduces risk.

Questioning purpose-built? Stop! It’s really all about the Application.

A lot of blogging are raising questions about why ‘purpose-built’ systems? The fact is, it’s really all about the application. End users and business stakeholders couldn’t care less about the technologies. However, with applications coming in different flavors, there is not a one size fits all approach - nor should there be for the underlying infrastructure.

'Convergence’ is still all about BUSINESS OUTCOMES. Today is a day of remembrance.

I think sometimes we forget why we do what we do. This blog is about taking a ‘time-out’ and ‘remembering’ that IT is all about the value-delivered in the daily lives of the businesses it serves. HP Converged Infrastructure is all about helping you achieve that.

Back to car radios…just because someone says it’s free, is it really?

By Guest blogger Brad Kirby, Group Manager, HP Converged Systems


Brad Kirby explains why the Cisco UCS Manager isn't free and that customers are choosing HP OneView for its end-to-end converged management across server, storage, and network domains.

Another great pairing is here: HP 3PAR StoreServ and HP OneView converge

By Guest blogger Lee Kaminski, HP Storage


What if you could manage your storage system and servers and networking from a single User Interface? Pretty cool! HP OneView automates the provisioning of storage resources and more. With HP OneView 1.10, HP delivers true converged management where server, network and storage management functions use the same user interface, the same API set, the same template-based configuration process, and the same security services. Read on to find out more...

Is Your Infrastructure Workload Ready? HP App Maps Can Help!

By Guest blogger Don Wilson, HP Converged Systems


Deploying a new application tied to running your business requires careful and thorough planning and preparation. HP App Maps can help you reduce provisioning time, cost, and errors so you can deploy apps faster.

Dealing with the planning of data centers in light of the New Style of IT

By Ian Jagger, Global Portfolio Marketing Manager, HP Technology Consulting Services


It's the new face of data center strategy, and it should include a close look at orchestration — the point where IT management meets data center management.

Tags: DCIM

Deliver on the New Style of IT with Mobile Workspaces

By Guest blogger Natalie Lambert, Sr. Director of Integrated Product Marketing, Citrix


Want to know more about mobile workspaces? Check out what HP and Citrix are doing to provide the tools you need to support productivity from anywhere, on any device at HP Discover this week!

One system designed to relentlessly deliver your IT-as-a-Service vision

By Guest blogger Deepak Belani, Marketing Manager, HP Converged Systems


Do you want to spend more time innovating?

Do you want to focus more on supporting new workloads, such as the cloud and Big Data?

Do you want to help drive new business opportunities?


Then you need a new approach to IT.



HP and VMware Delivering the Benefits of the Software-Defined Data Center

By Steeve Daigle, Product Marketing, HP Converged Systems


HP OneViewscreenshot.pngThe two industry leaders in virtualization, HP and VMware, have announced another significant step towards making the vision of IT-as-a-Service and the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) easier to achieve and manage. They’ve integrated HP OneView with the VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite. Now users can manage physical as well as virtualized server, storage and networking resources from a familiar VMware console while automating many routine activities.


The goal of IT-as-a-Service and SDDC is to make the infrastructure adaptable to the users and applications. This requires a higher level of control and automation over both virtualized and physical resources. HP OneView acts as an infrastructure automation hub for your enterprise. This is the first part of two blog posts that will explain some of the great benefits achieved when you combine VMware vCenter Operations Manager with HP OneView. Read on to learn more...


Got storage? Eliminate Complexity with Convergence and Automation

By Guest blogger Brad Kirby, Group Manager, HP Converged Systems


 Brad Kirby tells how HP is delivering true converged management---where server, network and storage management functions use the same user interface, the same API set, the same template-based configuration process, and the same security services.

Delivering on our promise for simpler, faster and higher ROI

By Guest blogger Tom Joyce, SVP and GM, HP Converged Systems


Tom Joyce talks about the Converged Systems organization's first year, the satisfaction of delivering on our customers' vision and the next level of Converged management and HP ConvergedSystem just announced and available to see this week at HP Discover.

HP NinjaVirtual for Sharks helps you assess your virtualization environment - just like that!

By Guest blogger Leigh Ann Campbell


The top 10 on Ninja


NinjaShark.png10. Ninja always land on their feet

9. Never wear headbands with the ninja logo printed on it

8. Can remove their shadow if needed

7. Can divide by zero

6. Can iron their shirts while wearing them

5. Bullets dodge ninja

4. Created the wheel…twice

3. Put their pants on 2 legs at a time

2. Don’t get wet when it rains; the rain gets ninja

1. Are scared of Ninja Sharks!

HP and Citrix at HP Discover in Las Vegas next week!

By Guest blogger Travis Kuter, HP Worldwide Alliance Manager for Citrix


Need to securely deliver apps, desktops, data and services to any device, on any network or cloud? Then join HP and Citrix at HP Discover on June 10-12 to learn how!

Industry blogger – Shout Out

I wanted to amplify a recent blog HP Discover Blogger Roll Call that a colleague of mine from HP Storage - Calvin Zito posted yesterday. His blog covers the industry bloggers that will be with us next week at HP Discover.

Tags: HP Discover

The countdown is underway. ADD these DEMOs to your agenda & complete your HP Discover experience.

HP Discover starts in FIVE DAYS. Are you ready? All that is left to do is plan your list of “MUST SEE’ convergence-focused demos. That’s where this blog will help.

New Shark sightings at HP Discover, Las Vegas

Those of you following me have read about the new family of purpose-built HP ConvergedSystems we fondly call HP “Sharks”. This new Systems approach was launched last year in Barcelona (HP Discover 2013), and the Sharks portfolio has been well received by customers and press alike because it reduces maintenance and increases innovation in the datacenter.

Get your hands dirty and your feet wet with the HP Converged Systems team at HP Discover

By Guest blogger Kathleen Moore, HP Converged Systems


If you're headed to HP Discover on June 10-12, be sure and visit HP Converged Systems at the Discover Zone.There are a lot of activities to participate in and HP experts to talk to. Jump into the Shark tank and swim with the HP Sharks!

The only SAP certified 12TB single in-memory pool system for SAP HANA is here – and it’s HP!

By Guest blogger Jodie Jordanger, Product Marketing, HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA


The HP Sharks bite again...with the new HP ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP HANA! It's the most powerful single in-memory pool system on the market! 

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