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20 new STEMx mini-courses under construction

HP announces additional Catalyst Academy Grants



We are very excited to announce the development of another 20 HP Catalyst Academy mini-courses. These mini-courses are being created by HP Catalyst Academy Fellows from 18 organizations located in 9 countries around the globe. They will add to the existing Catalyst Academy catalog of innovative online professional learning opportunities, each designed for busy teachers seeking new ways to engage their students and increase academic success in various STEMx subjects (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and related subjects).


Recipient organizations are given an HP grant of $16,000 to support each HP Catalyst Academy Fellow developing a new mini-course. By growing the HP Catalyst Academy, the HP Sustainability & Social Innovation team aims to help close the so-called ‘Quality STEMx Teacher Gap’ and compensate for current models of teacher professional development that are failing to keep pace with demand. The long term goal is to reach hundreds of thousands of teachers around the world.


Many teachers have already enrolled for HP Catalyst Academy mini-courses and, by November – when courses developed by the new Fellows will also go online – there will be a broader portfolio of mini-courses. Innovative, engaging, and highly practical, these mini-courses employ different pedagogical approaches, from game-based learning to real-time formative assessment and self-directed learning. They are designed for teachers and faculty serving students from lower secondary (around 11-years old) to undergraduate level. Teachers receive digital badges and downloadable certificates as recognition for every mini-course they complete.


The recipient organizations and their 20 new mini-courses are:


Peer 2 Peer University Inc. (San Francisco, CA, USA)

                “Choose Your Own Learning Adventure” (English)

CSEV, Centro Superior para la Enseñanza Virtual (Madrid, Spain)

                “Mobile app design without programming” (Spanish, Portuguese)

Digital Wish (Manchester, VT, USA)

                “Mobile Curriculum Building Hack-a-Thon” (English)

The Blake School (Hopkins, MN, USA)

                “Stereotype Threat:  The Key to Eliminating Invisible Barriers to Success in STEMx”

New Jersey City University (Jersey City, NJ, USA)

                “The Sound of Science: Making Audio for STEMx”

Learning Links Foundation (Delhi, India)

                “Grameen Sawaal, STEMx Hul aur Samvaad (Hindi title); Rural problems (Issues), STEMx Solutions and Conversations (Translated title)” (Hindi)

                “Cultivating Creativity and Innovation (The CCI course) - Creating an ICT-enabled transformational learning environment” (English)

Polar Bears International (Bozeman, MT, USA)

                “Arctic Connections: Changing Ecosystems Around the World” (English)

Taking IT Global Youth Association (Toronto, Canada)

                “Intercultural Understanding through Digital Exchanges” (Arabic, English, French, Spanish)

                “DeforestACTION: Developing Earthwatchers in your Classroom” (English)

Good Shepherd Episcopal School (Dallas, TX, USA)

                “Digitally Curious: Fostering Mathematical Curiosity in Technology-rich Learning Environments” (English)

University of the Western Cape (Bellville, South Africa)

                “Teaching and learning of science through Inquiry-based science learning centres” (English)

Saint Andrew's School (Boca Raton, FL, USA)

                “Creating Social Entrepreneurs using the Design Cycle Engineering Model” (English, French)

California State University, Northridge (Northridge, CA, USA)

                “Computer Supported Collaborative Science (CSCS): Engaging Students in Science and Engineering Practices of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)” (English)

STEM Team East (Cambridge, UK)

                “Analysing Sporting Performance with GeoGebra” (English)

Pepperdine University (Malibu, CA, USA)

                “Crash Course on Games (for Learning) and Game Design” (English)

Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (Madrid, Spain)

                “Developing Mobile Augmented Reality Apps” (Spanish)

Slide2learn (Allens Rivulet, Tasmania, Australia)

                “Using Mobile Devices to turn students into citizen scientists” (English)

Universidad de Palermo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

                “GAME (Geogebra Application for Meaningful Education)” (Spanish)

Agastya International Foundation (Bangalore, India)

                “Building digital literacy in the hands-on science classroom” (English)



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