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A Bottom-Line Solution for Business and Accounting Challenges


One component of Hewlett-Packard's turnaround vision includes making it easier, more predictable and increasingly cost-effective to do business with us. This means strategically commercializing solutions-driven innovation. After all, every product or service needs to represent a focused solution for a specific set of customers. 
Let's look at the needs of a typical enterprise customer. As business functions become more complex, organizations are struggling to maximize efficiencies while maintaining quality and transparency. To make matter more difficult, these complexities often lead to inefficient, time-consuming manual workarounds.
What is HP's solution? HP AutoFlow, a new business process outsourcing (BPO) solution, is the latest example of a focused product solution that can help our enterprise customers' bottom line. It enables clients to automate core business processes, like finance and accounting, to enhance operational efficiency.
“Today’s chief financial officers are plagued with diminishing resources and the growing complexity of processes and technology,” said Danila Meirlaen, vice president, Business Process Outsourcing, HP Enterprise Services. “HP AutoFlow builds on our strong history in finance, administration and technology to increase process automation and optimize cost structures, so clients can focus on revenue-generating activities.”
Utilizing a leveraged, private cloud infrastructure, the solution offers out-of-the-box functionality. HP AutoFlow can be rapidly deployed to help organizations:

  • Reduce the need for manual intervention and shift valuable resources to more strategic projects by increasing automation through improved integration with ERPs and legacy systems.

  • Support enablement of e-invoicing to achieve better invoice accuracy and improve on-time payment performance.

  • Drive process transformation via process-modeling capabilities.

  • Realize improved cost and additional savings by accelerating processing time for accounts payable, thereby increasing opportunities for early payment discounts.

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