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A Symbol of Our Turnaround

Looking upon HP's new Executive Briefing Center earlier today, Meg Whitman relflected that the "building is a symbol of our turnaround and sets the tone for a continued path of progress and rejuvenation.” Meg added that "[i]t represents our continued commitment to our partners and customers and is a striking backdrop for HP’s innovative products and technology.”


The official ribbon cutting for the newly remodeled center was held at our headquarters in Palo Alto. This element of the company-wide rebirth will serve as a beacon of the turnaround, effectively reminding our employees, partners and customers of HP's boundless capabilities.


Meg and the executive team believe that it's essential to have foundational structures that remind the world HP is here to stay. Just like the oak tree located in the building's courtyard, the new customer meeting center will come to embody the unbreakable pan-HP commitment to innovation.


For a view of the new center, check out these great pictures below:



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