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Amazing Discoveries from Frankfurt

484275_445002482216295_1147483666_n.jpgThis article was written by Leonard van Domselaar, HP Discover Employee Ambassador.   


In my application to be a HP Discover ambassador, I wrote I wanted to learn everything I could about HP's employees, customers and emerging technologies.


The Employees

When I returned to work following my trip to Frankfurt, I naturally bragged about meeting Meg Whitman, having lunch with Tracy Keogh and engaging with several global account managers. Who wouldn't, right?


But above all else, I couldn't stop talking about my experience with the employees I met in the HP Discover Zone. It was there that I discovered our employees’ passion for innovation and their will to drive HP forward with new and better technologies.


Next to that, there was the amazing ambassador team! Ten people from all over the world, with the same enthusiasm and determination to report back to their colleagues about Discover 2012. 


All in all, I just can't say enough about HP employees!


The Customers

I met several customers at HP Discover. Some I started chatting with before and after breakout sessions, others I met down in the Discover Zone. In my work environment, we offer certain services to specified customers, but HP Discover opened up my eyes to our enormous and diversified customer base.


I loved my time interacting with HP's customers! The highlight of this experience occured when I interviewed Interoute's Director of Channel & Alliances. I really gained great customer insight and enjoyed the learning experience.


The Latest Technologies

Wow! I was like a kid in Disneyland there in the Discover Zone. I was completely speechless after seeing all the products, services and technologies that HP has to offer. I knew they existed, but seeing them all together in one place was just mind-blowing. I regret not checking out every technology on display, but there was just not enough time.


Let’s just say it gives me great motivation to try to attend one of the next HP Discover events!


Wrap Up

And then comes that point when you have to say goodbye to the team you worked and lived with the last couple of days. Saying goodbye has never been my strong suit. I always fling out an awkward “keep in touch” or “see you later.”


In reality, it is difficult to keep in touch with colleagues and friends you meet from different parts of the world, but our ambassador team definitely struck a connection that will go a long way.


HP Discover, it was a pleasure!

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