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Hewlett-Packard is making it more predictable, simple and efficient to work with us. Big Data is one area that we are targeting, especially as mega trends continue to evolve. 
Last week, HP Enterprise Services announced a new information management and analytics (IM&A) service designed to help customers rapidly gain increased value from Big Data assets. This will support enterprise efforts to drive new revenue opportunities, improve efficiency, reduce risk and lower costs.
According to global research commissioned by HP (1), more than one out of two business executives reported that their organizations are not equipped with the right solutions to gain insight from Big Data. We have a response: the HP Big Data Discovery Experience.
Our Big Data Discovery Experience simplifies and accelerates the entry path for enterprise customers to unlock the value of their information. The service provides a scalable discovery environment, where partners and customers can explore different technologies to experience insights gleaned from their own data. This enables them to move from high-level concepts of Big Data to the reality of harnessing and acting on the information.
“A Big Data solution is a significant investment of time and money for any organization, regardless of industry,” said Markus Ruff, vice president, Information Management and Analytics, HP Enterprise Services. “HP’s approach brings business and IT together from the beginning to help clients shorten the time to start a Big Data initiative and discover new business insight to make better and quicker decisions.”
(1) “HP Cloud and Information Optimization,” Coleman Parkes Research, Ltd., October 2012.

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