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Breakout Session: Windows 8 for Business

This article was written by Kim McKay, HP Discover Employee Ambassador.    


Of all the sessions at HP Discover 2012, I was most excited for “Windows 8 for Business.” HP and its PPS unit are highly invested in the Windows 8 operating system. In fact, the great majority of our products will soon run on it.


To start the session, Product Manager for Windows with Microsoft Germany Ben Basaric, started by reading aloud a statement. It read:


“The new Windows is going to be a disaster; it will be completely rejected by businesses, who will stick with old versions even after Microsoft drops support for them. In addition, its new interface is so unusable that customers, who are forced to use it, will find ways to restore the old start menu.”


I wasn’t the only person who was astounded to hear Ben share such negative feedback. It was to everyone’s surprise when Ben revealed he was reading was a quote from 2001 about Windows XP, which as we all know has been one of the most stable and popular operating systems ever.


After that, Ben moved into an incredibly useful live demonstration of Windows 8. I’ve had some concerns with the new features, including closing programs now that the icons are no longer located in in the top right-hand corner of a window.


This is one of the results of moving to touch enabled devices; now you can simply swipe downwards from the top and it minimizes the application. If you keep on swiping down, it closes it. So incredibly intuitive, but at the same time it’s a really major change that users are going to have to get used to.


Ben took us through the Enterprise features of Windows 8, which include significant security enhancements. Windows 8 is designed for use at work and home, with some wonderful cloud functionality that allows you to seamlessly integrate both sides of your life. He demonstrated searching for a product, sharing the webpage with his wife and then purchasing the product, all of which occurred with only a few swipes.


It was a really useful session and my concerns about HP ties is to Windows 8 are finally at rest. It is a wonderfully intuitive and interactive piece of software.

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