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CEO Apotheker’s Friday at HP: Labs, lunch, and listening tours (Plus - How to pronounce his name!)

This morning, CFO Cathie Lesjak and Board member Bob Ryan introduced incoming CEO Léo Apotheker to HP with a global webcast for employees, broadcast live from HP’s Palo Alto headquarters.  Léo later met with senior technologists, including Chief Strategy and Technology Officer Shane Robinson, HP Labs Director Prith Banerjee, and four HP Senior Fellows.


(By the way, if you’re wondering how to pronounce Léo’s last name, it’s “Ah-poh-take-er”.  You can also hear Léo introduce himself by listening to this audio file [.WAV])


Before Léo addressed the audience, both employees in the room and Bob Ryan took a moment to thank Cathie Lesjak for leading HP during her interim tenure.  Lesjak will return to being HP’s CFO on November 1, when Apotheker officially joins HP.

A variety of topics were discussed, including the selection process, HP’s strategy, and the tech business at large.


































Léo shared his thoughts, saying that the global technology business is being reshaped and that because of HP’s diverse portfolio, technological leadership and talented people, no other company is as well-positioned to define the future of the industry.  He then called on everyone at HP to think about how the company can achieve that goal, and said that he will visit employees during a worldwide listening tour to learn about their thoughts.

In the afternoon, Léo met HP’s senior Labs leadership over lunch at the company café to discuss organic innovation at HP.  In addition to Robison and Banerjee, the attendees included nanotechnology pioneer Stan Williams, sustainability expert Chandrakant Patel, exascale computing innovator Norm Jouppi, and social software scientist Bernardo Huberman.























The introductory meeting was capped off with Stan Williams showing Léo two new sensors that are part of HP’s CeNSE (Central Nervous System for the Earth) project.  The sensors use a groundbreaking accelerometer developed by HP Labs (one that is 1,000 times more sensitive than the kind used in typical smartphones) to detect seismic activity in harsh environments.


































(above: Stan Williams and Prith Banerjee with the CeNSE sensor)


For more quotes and insight from Léo and the Board, read on for coverage of this morning’s investor webcast.

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