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Celebrating 25 years of the HP Inkjet Printer

hero_printer.jpgHewlett-Packard launched the world’s first single-sheet inkjet printer in February 1988. The first Deskjet was originally priced at $995 and featured an average speed of 2 PPM. A lot has changed over time!  


Our inkjet portfolio has come a long way in 25 years. We've continued to innovate in the inkjet market with the HP Photosmart and HP Officejet brands, and have shipped nearly 600 million inkjet printers. 


Where are we now? HP's inkjet offerings are now high-speed, lightweight printers with features that span wireless web connectivity, cloud services and enterprise management solutions. You could probably call this the evolution of printing innovation!


Proof of this is no more evident than today. We proudly announced this morning the worldwide release of the new HP Officejet Pro X, which is now the world’s fastest desktop printer as recognized by Guinness World Records. 


Designed to meet the demanding and unique needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), the Officejet Pro X will revolutionize business printing by increasing productivity, reducing costs and promoting the value of inkjet technology.


“SMB customers constantly look for ways to save money and do more with less,” said Stephen Nigro, senior vice president within HP's Printing and Personal  Systems group. “The new HP Officejet Pro X Series is an ideal."


This is our way of saying Happy Anniversary! 

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