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Defining Tech Solutions, One Innovation at a Time

story12_thumb_212x160_tcm_245_1354204.jpgWhat does the term "technology solutions" mean to you? Give it a second and really think about it! The truth is that no matter how you define the term, there's no wrong answer.


That's why HP doesn't believe in putting labels on innovation. We are committed to empowering our customers and partners through a broad portfolio of hardware, software and services. It's this expansive business portfolio that allows us to provide thousands of technology solutions each day.


Need proof? Well, meet DJ Robbie Wilde. He lives in a world of bass, beats and melody — and yet he can’t hear.


But thanks to HP technology powered by Windows 8 and Emulator, a multi-touch midi controller for professional DJs, Robbie is able to create the music he loves. HP empowered him to do everything from download music to share events with his fans. In the end, these solutions help this talented DJ perform and feel the music that moves everyone.


For more on Robbie and solutions that "Make It Matter," click here. You can see how we've helped impact companies and communities around the world.



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