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Discover 2012: A Poetic Farewell

This poem was written by Travis Gowin, HP Discover Employee Ambassador.


As 2012 winds down and we complete our Discover coverage, it's time for one last poem from Travis Gowin. His poetic posts generated excitement and buzz within the blogosphere earlier this month, so Data Central is happy to bring you the encore!


So without further ado, here is Travis's Discover 2012 wrap-up poem:


If I described Discover to those who are skeptic,

I'd sum it up in one word and call it EPIC.

From the moment I got there and met my new friends,

I couldn't help but dread the untimely end.

Great memories were made and bonds were created.

We all work for HP so we’re kind of related.

We heard some great speakers, met CEOs

and saw unveiling of products, even played in the snow.

Sat in the front row of the All Employee Meeting

and learned “Guten Tag” was a warm German greeting.

But now that it’s over, I'm back to the grind

and it seems rather hard to leave Discover behind.

I will take what I’ve learned and “Make it Matter.”

Just like HP is doing, as we write our new chapter.

I’m Meg’s biggest fan and won’t find it surprising

when our sales keep increasing and our stock price is rising.

So just remember at the next sales hurrah,

you heard it first via the poet from Arkansas!

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