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Discover 2012: Leadership View with Peter Ryan

This article was written by Valerie Huang, HP Discover Employee Ambassador.   


keynote-speaker-ryan.jpg“HP is well and alive!”  That was the instant response from Peter Ryan, Senior Vice President and General Manager for HP EMEA Enterprise Group and Managing Director for HP EMEA, when asked about one key message he would like to convey to all employees. "Our customers love our innovative technologies, and we have a clear strategy to turn the company around," Peter added. 


Peter pointed out that confidence in HP was on full display in Frankfurt, with 9,000+ delegates in attendance . Did you know that's a 30% increase from the last Discover conference in Las Vegas? Wow!


According to Peter, the clear strategy and direction conveyed by Meg Whitman has also helped to build customers’ confidence.  That's why when I asked about his Discover highlight, he pointed to showcasing new products and technologies in one place to the world's greatest customers. That brings the idea of "One HP" to a whole new level!


In all, I was blown away by Peter's candor and enthusiasm.  While Meg and HP leaders acknowledge that recent challenges have caused share prices to decline, leadership now has a very clear, strategic direction. This has been communicated as HP's 5-year turnaround plan. 


HP has completed the FY12 journey and now it's onto the “Fix and Rebuild” stage in FY13.  After speaking with Peter, I know leadership and employees will make it matter!



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