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Discover Frankfurt 2012 Day 1: Meg Whitman’s Keynote and Information Optimization

(This article was posted by Michael Thacker, Global Media Relations, HP)


As we mentioned in the earlier post on HP’s Converged Storage portfolio, at the October 2012 Securities Analyst Meeting, HP CEO Meg Whitman discussed the three main areas of focus for the future of HP: security, cloud and information optimization.


Picking up on that theme during her keynote at Discover Frankfurt 2012, Whitman kicked off the show by outlining HP’s strengths, highlighting customers’ and partners’ roles in making HP a technology leader. It is no secret that customers are integral to a company’s success. But, how often do you hear a company acknowledge its relationships first, before innovation and financial standing, when discussing its success? We would not continue to be a technology leader, standing #1 or #2 in almost all market segments, without the continued support of our customers and partners.


Meg also discussed the new style of IT that is emerging – one that is driven by cloud, mobility and big data, and that is defined by four things: simplicity, agility, speed and lower costs. HP is in a unique position to help address these needs by being the only company that can bring you devices, hardware, software and services all the way from the enterprise to the user.


To close her presentation out, Meg outlined how HP will tackle the new style of IT, which reiterated our laser-like focus on security, information optimization and cloud, and why HP stands to benefit from these trends. Speaking specifically to our investments in information optimization, Meg emphasized HP’s commitment to Autonomy, which we believe is essential to HP’s success, both as a standalone product and integrated into HP technology. To view Meg’s keynote click here.


HP is dedicated to making it easy for our customers to transition to the next stage of IT, and is investing appropriately.  As proof of that commitment to helping customers, HP is making a variety of announcements at Discover Frankfurt 2012. For example, yesterday HP announced a huge refresh of our Converged Storage Portfolio.


In a continued display of momentum against these three key strategic imperatives, today, HP announced new and enhanced Information Optimization Solutions  designed to alleviate challenges posed by the proliferation of structured data (found in databases), unstructured data (images, videos, emails, etc) and semistructured data (collected from sensors and machines). These new Information Optimization Solutions all extract value and gain insight from data through advanced analytics.


In short: HP is working to relieve clients’ big data challenges, and give them insight into information, with one set of solutions. This aligns perfectly with what George Kadifa, Executive Vice President, HP Software, outlined at the company’s annual Securities Analyst Meeting in October 2012: HP will win in software by bringing the power of its complete portfolio together into customer solutions that provide confidence, insight and the agility to perform better.


The new solutions from Autonomy, Vertica and HP Converged Infrastructure enable companies to help manage data and maximize the return on investment from information solutions (also known as “Return on Information”). HP is helping clients manage information with an expanded HP AppSystems portfolio, Autonomy Legal & Compliance Performance Suite, HP Proactive Care for SAP and HP Converged Storage. Clients will also be able to more easily understand their data using the HP Vertica Analytics Platform 6.1, HP Telco Big Data and Analytics and the HP Big Data Strategy Workshop. Finally, through the Autonomy Marketing Performance Suit, HP clients can act on data quickly to increase market share, optimize marketing spend and increase revenue.


Check back for more updates coming out of Discover Frankfurt, including inside perspective from HP employees at the conference. You can find more information here, and check out live sessions streaming online here. You can also follow us on Twitter: @HPDiscover.


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