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Global Impact: HP's Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs

Bill and Dave founded Hewlett-Packard based on a shared idea about the future of technology. Within a few years, the two visionaries were employing technology solutions to help entrepreneurs around the world turn their own ideas into thriving businesses. 


Although times, terminologies and technologies have continuously changed over the past 74 years, the rise of IT has been steady. For entrepreneurs, business and IT skills are essential to building successful companies.


We, of course, firmly believe in the importance of IT and our ability to make access to training easier, HP created the Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs (HP LIFE). Since the launch of the program in 2007, more than 2 million people have been reached through training, access to IT and online activities.


These participants now make up the HP LIFE online community, a resource for sharing stories and helping each other succeed. See for yourself in the video below! 




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