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Greetings from Orlando, FL and the 2nd Annual HP Social Support Summit

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This post was written by Enrique Lores, SVP of HP Customer Support and Services.
This week I had the opportunity to participate in my first HP Social Support Summit and meet our volunteer Experts from around the world. For a few days out of the year, HP’s social care and expert community members emerge from their laptops and meet face to face to draw inspiration from one another and build relationships through our common bond of supporting HP customers…38 million and counting.  Developing a comprehensive social support community is critical to the ongoing success of HP and delivering on our promise of a world class customer experience. According to NM Insights State of Social Customer Service Report 2012:
• 47% of all social media users have used social care, with usage as high as 59% among 18-24 year olds;
• 71% of those who experience positive social care (i.e., a quick and effective brand response) are likely to recommend that brand to others;
• Nearly 1 in 3 social media users prefer to reach out to a brand for customer service through a social channel compared to the phone;
• 70% of social care users satisfied with their experience are likely to use that form of customer service again. Only 41% who have unsatisfactory experience are apt to try social care again;
• 51% of users actively engage with brand after using social care.
Do these numbers surprise you? They don’t surprise our Experts. Social Support and specifically our HP Expert Community, play an increasingly decisive role in providing a differentiated customer experience. With more than 60K solutions…almost 2 million posts…nearly 9 million community members. Who wouldn’t be proud? Stay tuned for some more great content which will emerge from the second annual Social Support Summit. 
Make sure to watch the HP Consumer Support Forum blog Best of the Community, on Twitter @HPSupport, and The Next Bench blog, among other channels, for more content emerging from the 2013 Social Support Summit.

James W Adams(anon) | ‎03-25-2013 04:39 PM

Excellent SoMe Summit 2013!  Huge "kudos" to the team that pulled this event together again this year.  The event was action/information packed and drove home the message of the ever increasing role of Social Media and the benefits to our customers and to HP.  Bill and Dave devoted an entire chapter in "The HP Way", to "Listening to our Customers", with Social Media, not only are we listening, we are responding in real time.  Innovation!  I think that Bill and Dave would be proud......

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