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HP Addressing Global Energy Challenges

(Contributed by Engelina Jaspers, vice president, environmental sustainability, HP)


The global HP Unlocking Your Energy tour visited London in late September, bringing together diverse stakeholders with a vested interest in the global energy challenge. We launched the tour earlier this year as a forum to trigger new thinking, advance dialogue, and raise awareness of opportunities to use technology to reduce energy use and advance sustainability.


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In my opening discussion with Dan Ilett, founder of Greenbang, I explained how HP is strategically focused on the intersection of information technology and energy. At HP, we believe the fastest and easiest way to reduce environmental impact and save money is to make the most of the energy we use today while advancing solutions that enable a more sustainable, low-carbon future. HP is the only company with the scale, expertise and portfolio to unlock the full potential of energy in the home, office, enterprise and beyond.


There are three keys to unlocking energy:


  1. Choose energy efficient HP products and turning on their power management settings
  2. Consolidate with HP solutions that streamline and displace inefficient technologies
  3. Control energy use with HP solutions that intelligently measure and manage consumption

With the help of these three keys, HP customers are cutting their technology energy use and costs by more than half while improving performance.


Perhaps the liveliest session of the day explored the potential “green lining” of cloud computing. George Polk, chairman of Crowley Carbon noted that the industry will see the most change when we start to use cloud computing to implement solutions in logistics, product design, supply chains, transportation and the need for physical presence.


HP is helping to lead the way to a sustainable cloud with the HP EcoPOD, the world’s most efficient data centre. Compared with a traditional data center, it operates at a quarter of the cost, can consume up to 95 percent less energy and packs 10 times the IT capacity into a much smaller space. As we build out the next generation of cloud-based services, we expect the HP EcoPOD to be a key component of sustainable cloud infrastructure.


Looking toward the future, HP Labs is exploring opportunities to transform the IT ecosystem with pioneering technologies that minimize energy and materials usage by the cloud and beyond. As my colleague Chandrakant Patel, director of the Sustainable Ecosystems Research Group in HP Labs, mentioned in his panel, the key is to adopt a need-based provisioning framework. This essentially means that the key to being energy efficient is to using our IT ecosystem to provision the energy available to us, based on the need of the user.


Panellists and moderators included Fiona Harvey, environmental correspondent at The Guardian; Dan Ilett, Greenbang; Vernon Turner from market intelligence firm IDC; and industry experts in sustainability from various companies and organizations including EURELECTRIC, Deutsche Telekom and Thomson Reuters. For more insights on the event, please visit the virtual gallery, videos and all other information on the Unlocking Your Energy website.

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