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HP Announces Support for OpenStack™

(This entry was posted by Emil Sayegh, VP, Cloud Services)


HP is pleased to announce our intent to join and support OpenStack™, an open source cloud infrastructure project.


As the world’s largest technology company, HP is in a unique position to bring together a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure at the point where cloud and connectivity converge. 


HP recognizes that open and interoperable cloud infrastructure and services are critical in delivering the next generation of cloud-based services to developers, businesses and consumers.  It is our belief that close collaboration with developer communities combined with HP’s global portfolio are cornerstones to delivering the right, seamless and secure experiences for our customers.


Over the past year, the OpenStack community has been focused on developing open source software for building private and public clouds.  Today, OpenStack has participation from more than 90 organizations with 1200 participants. 


HP is taking an active role in the OpenStack community and we see this as an opportunity to enable customers, partners and developers with unique infrastructure and development solutions across public, private and hybrid cloud environments.  In fact look for members of our cloud development teams that are already actively participating on OpenStack’s Launchpad and irc channel (#openstack on 


We are also sponsoring the OpenStack Design Summit and OpenStack Conference in October ’11, where we look forward to sharing and engaging with you further to bring about the future of open, interoperable cloud services. See you in Boston!


Please follow us on Twitter: @hpcloud and continue to check back here in the coming weeks and months for updates on our work with OpenStack. 


Emil Sayegh

VP, Cloud Services

Twitter: @esayegh


Open Grid Scheduler(anon) | ‎08-12-2011 06:37 PM

Congratulations HP, I look forward to seeing HP servers shipped with OpenStack.


BTW, is it official yet?? I couldn't find the details on the OpenStack website!


Rayson Ho - Open Grid Scheduler & Grid Engine Maintainer

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