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HP Celebrates World Health Day

HP celebrates World Health Day with two prestigious awards for the newly announced eHealth Center launched in India in collaboration with the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)






As World Health Day approaches on April 7th, the newly announced cloud-enabled eHealth Center (eHC solution) which was launched in India in collaboration with CSIR has won early kudos. It has received two prestigious awards. In February 2013, the eHC solution won a World CSR Congress award for ‘Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practices’ for societal contribution (addressing the social challenge of equality in healthcare provision). In March 2013, it won one of India’s National Awards in Excellence for ‘Best Use of IT in Healthcare’ for business innovation (demonstrating leadership in using IT to improve healthcare and ultimately drive economic growth).


And there is more good news! The eHC solution has been recently announced as a finalist in the GBC Health Business Action on Health Awards 2013, in the ‘Technology for Health’ category and has been named as Laureate of the Computerworld Honors Program.


The eHC is a cloud-enabled healthcare solution housed in a standard shipping container which can be quickly transported to remote areas of the country by air, rail or land.


Each eHC is equipped with cloud-integrated diagnostic equipment, and a telemedicine studio, laboratory and pharmacy. Paramedics who staff the eHC have access to expert medical advice provided through remote consultation using built-in videoconferencing tools. This is an enormous benefit for isolated locations with no access to skilled doctors.



By increasing the access, quality and efficiency of global health, this unique healthcare solution supports HP’s assertion that – as one of the largest technology companies in the world - by uniting the power of people and technology we can address societal challenges and strengthen communities worldwide.


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