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HP Chairman Ray Lane Discusses Emerging Markets at the 2012 World Economic Forum

We’ve just finished the second full day at the World Economic Forum and HP’s delegation has been busy meeting with customers and partners, speaking on panels, and attending sessions.


Today, HP Executive Chairman Ray Lane participated on a panel entitled “Learning from the Frontier,” a thought discussed how emerging markets are reshaping technology and business models.


Lane was joined by the following panelists:


  • Paolo Benigno Aquino IV, Co-Founder and President, MicroVentures, Philippines
  • Victor J. Dzau, President and CEO, Duke University Medical Center and Health System, Duke University
  • Lee Kai-Fu, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Innovation Works, People’s Republic of China
  • John Rice, Vice-Chairman, General Electric Company, Hong Kong SAR


HP has long believed that technology plays an important role in the development of emerging markets. As a result, HP established a dedicated team – the Growth Market Organization led by Brian Humphries – which is focused on growth markets, infrastructure, universities and commercial enablement.


With the advent of connectivity and cloud computing, there is revolutionary technology that can be brought to bear to address areas like education and infrastructure much less expensively. This creates vast new opportunities for web-based businesses and public sector services such as healthcare. When access to information and communication is made easier, ideas can propagate and build upon one another and all parties involved benefit.


HP has a number of innovative initiatives in emerging markets, for example, HP SiteOnMobile is helping to bring internet access to countries like India, where access is still very limited. SiteOnMobile now delivers internet on ultra low-cost, basic cell phones, thereby enabling access to web services to the next billion internet users.


HP believes that a society that fosters entrepreneurship fuels greater economic growth and in turn, generates jobs. We innovate, design, produce and sell our products in these markets around the globe.

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Robert Hass(anon) | ‎01-31-2012 12:17 AM


Thank you.  It would be great to see a streaming video of Ray's presentation if that is possible.   This is quite interesting from a strategic standpoint.


Robert Hass

Rikard Utkovic(anon) | ‎02-05-2012 10:52 PM

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