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HP Champions Japanese Relief Efforts, Commits More than $2.3M in Technology and Cash

To help aid the relief efforts in Japan, HP, its employees and the Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation have committed more than $2.3 million in technology product and cash donations to organizations that are supporting short- and long-term relief work.



The Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation and HP employees contributed cash to Save the Children, which has been working in Japan for 25 years, and to the Japanese Red Cross through its affiliate, the American Red Cross. Both organizations were among the first to respond to the disaster and have been working tirelessly on the ground in Japan since to provide food, shelter, counseling and safe areas for children.


HP has also partnered with InterConnection, Microsoft, Dell and NetHope, to provide laptops to relief workers in Japan. These laptops will allow workers from organizations like Oxfam Japan to communicate with each other, share information and coordinate efforts across the region where many operations are faced with a breakdown in information and communication technology (ICT).


Laptops running HP Visual Collaboration, a software-based video conferencing product, will be deployed in three affected cities, Tokyo, Miyagi and Fukushima. The goal is to facilitate high quality, “face-to-face” communication between workers, survivors and others – helping extend the power of personal connections between Tokyo and harder hit regions.


Finally, HP has provided printers, ink/toner cartridges and paper to assist in the relief efforts and ensure relief workers are able to remain fully operational. Paper-based documentation and communication are even more necessary given the availability issues of electricity and other infrastructure. HP has provided printers to Sendai city, Fukushima prefecture and local telecomm carriers to provide the ability to print in these hard hit areas.


“Our thoughts are with the people of Japan as they deal with the aftermath of the devastating earthquake and tsunami,” said Léo Apotheker, president and chief executive officer, HP. “We hope that HP’s financial commitments and technology products will provide victims and humanitarian aid workers with the resources needed to begin resuming normal life in the affected areas.”


HP has a long-standing history of helping people in need in communities around the world. The people of Japan and relief organizations will face overwhelming challenges in the coming months as they help rebuild Japan, and HP is committed to supporting these efforts.


Photo Caption: Children play at a Save the Children Child Friendly Space in Ishinomaki, Japan, 13 days after the town was struck by a devastating tsunami. Photo by Save the Children.

david lulasa(anon) | ‎04-09-2011 10:58 AM

this is such a great inspiration to mankind....mankind has to learn from technology and be networked togerther....mankind networking has more pros and cons

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