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HP Collaborates with Facebook on Open Compute Project to Drive Energy Efficiency

Social networking powerhouse Facebook has launched a data center in Prineville, Ore., to support the company’s 500 million active users.


HP is collaborating with Facebook to deliver on its Open 

Compute Project by sharing technology specifications. Working with Facebook, HP has custom designed technology for improved data center operations at its new facility.

"Companies with extreme computing needs continue to seek innovative technology that extends the boundaries of what is possible today while challenging their partners to reach new lows in energy usage," said Greg Huff, Chief Technology Officer, Industry Standard Servers and Software, HP. "HP is looking forward to working with Facebook on the Open Compute Project to increase power efficiency in the most intense computing environments where performance is critical."

Collaboration breeds innovation

HP and Facebook are working to codevelop custom server and power solutions optimized for performance and serviceability. This collaboration has delivered:

—  An HP-built auto-ranging, highly efficient 277-volt power supply with low total harmonic distortion (THD) that can be used on existing HP ProLiant servers to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs to Facebook across multiple data centers.

—  A custom, rack-level power backup infrastructure that fits into Facebook’s new data center, offering more than 99 percent energy efficiency and cost savings, compared with traditional data center power backup solutions (based on HP internal tests).

—  A highly flexible, cost-effective server chassis based on industry standards for hyperscale computing environments

—  New server solutions based on the enhanced flexibility of the HP ProLiant SL6500 platform that boost efficiency and use less power than previous generations, allowing for increased energy efficiency.

Partnering since 2004  

Facebook’s extreme computing needs include supercomputer-class scalable performance and simplified operations at significantly reduced space, power and cost levels.

To achieve this, the company has partnered with HP since 2004 to deliver custom technologies as well HP ProLiant SL servers and HP ProLiant DL servers for high performance computing, improved efficiency and speed for internet access.

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