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HP Discover 2012 Fuels Unexpected Creativity

(The poem below was authored by Travis Gowin, HP Discover Employee Ambassador)


Discover 2012 is buzzing with excitement. From employees to speakers, everyone is excited to talk about how advances in the infrastructure technology field will benefit both today and the future.


All of this excitement really got the creative juices flowing for HP employee Travis Gowin. In response to Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg's opening remarks at the Plenary Sessions, Travis wrote the following poem about creativity, innovation and our partnership with DreamWorks: 

I’m at HP Discover and with that comes some perks,
I just heard Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks.
He addressed 9,000 customers up on stage at Discover,
talking about how our partnership is one like no other
He gave us films like The Lion King, he did Shrek One and Two,
The Little Mermaid, A Shark Tale, a Panda that knows Kung Fu.
He addressed all of our customers and gave them reassurance.
He said we’re in for the long haul because we have endurance.
DreamWorks was our first customer to ever purchase cloud,
as Jeffrey told our customers, he really seemed quite proud.
Our focus is Cloud, Security, and Information Optimization.
There’s no reason that our customers should show any hesitation.
So focus on our customers and we will not get beat.
HP and DreamWorks where creativity and innovation meet!

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