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HP Discover 2012 Wrap Up Post: Just Sayin’

This article was co-authored by Cindy Kasberg, HP Discover Employee Ambassador.


Just sayin’, but I have always held the position that HP is comprised of the best, brightest and most talented employees. During the past four days, I was fortunate to have this theory tested and 100% verified!


The HP employee ambassadors attending Discover 2012 made a profound impact on the entire conference. Their high energy, productivity and collaboration represented the very best that HP has to offer.



These HP employees worked together as a team to absorb HP Discover 2012 and report back to their colleagues via internal updates and blog posts. This must have taken tons of collective preparation and blogging experience, right? Think again!


If you don’t believe me, here is some “inside info” about this dynamic group of HP employees:


  • None of the ambassadors previously worked together or knew each other prior to this event. 
  • The Ambassador Program did not previously exist; this was a new addition to the HP Discover event so there was no history and no mentoring to help prepare the ambassadors in advance for their roles and responsibilities. 
  • None of the ambassadors were reporters, technology writers, bloggers, or radio/TV personalities – they are just HP employees doing their jobs well. 
  • Despite all of the above mentioned facts, this team of Ambassadors created more than 50 blog posts, which were posted to our internal channels.

Employee ambassadors relied on materials gained from attending plenary and tech breakout sessions, as well as interviews with HP leaders, partners and customers. This strategy even resulted in an ambassador post receiving mentions on Yahoo! Finance and Business Insider. Wow! 


Ambassadors also managed to participate in creating a video that was filmed, edited and displayed in less than 24 hours. That was just enough time to be a focus feature in Meg Whitman’s All Employee Webcast on Tuesday, which kicked off HP Discover 2012. A true testament to the best, brightest the most talented employees in the world. Just sayin’. 

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