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HP Enterprise Security Products: Driving Thought Leadership

If you watched last night's State of the Union address, you heard President Obama speak about the importance of cybersecurity. This reemphasizes the rise of cyber threats, as well as the manner in which they impact governments, businesses and the world around us. 
Cybercriminals are increasingly banding together, organizing sophisticated attacks that are more predatory in nature. Cybercrooks’ rapid adoption of new technologies and desire to spread information has trumped traditional static enterprise defenses. In order for organizations to stay protected, they must learn from their adversaries.
Art Gilliland, senior vice president and general manager, Enterprise Security Products, HPThat's where Hewlett-Packard comes in. Later this month at RSA 2013, our Art Gilliland will discuss how lessons learned from cybercriminals can be applied to boost an organization’s overall security strategy.

Art, HP's senior vice president and general manager for Enterprise Security Products, will also examine the means and motivations driving cybercriminal behavior and how improvements such as benchmarking can persuade criminals to look elsewhere for targets. This information can help security professionals develop stronger defenses.

Additional information about HP Enterprise Security solutions will be available at HP booth No. 1717 and on our website. Find more updates on Twitter via @HPsecurity.

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