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HP Integrity Poulson Launch Event

Responding to emerging trends in cloud, big data and mobility is a constantly evolving challenge. 
Systems eventually run out of room, demand too much floor space, and use up too much energy. Data must be processed faster and provide a proven, mission-critical infrastructure that can keep vital applications up and running.
HP Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure is specifically designed to anticipate, and successfully manage key workloads. Your business and its mission-critical IT are kept up and running with a simple, integrated, and automated environment. With HP Integrity solutions as the foundation, your databases, SAP, and BI applications will be as resilient and flexible as you need them to be, now and well into the Future.
Check out this video from the recent HP Integrity server launch event for Poulson chip featuring Ric Lewis, Kirk Bresnicker, IDC, and customer testimonials.

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